Virgin cocktails can help businesses survive Dry January say expert drinks makers

Around 3.1 million people in the UK were planning to take on Dry January this year, leaving unimaginative businesses that rely on alcohol sales concerned over their profit margins. However, Mixologie Ldn believe there is a solution.

Dry January is a charity-driven drive that asks people to cut down their drinking for the first month of the year, then donating the money they save to charity. The idea has grown each year for several years as more people decide to cut alcohol from their diet to lose weight, break bad habits and support a good cause.

This makes for a difficult month for pubs and clubs. And when pubs are closing at a rate of four per day there are concerns that the number of people now taking up the challenge could tip many businesses over the edge.

Mixologie Ldn believes Dry January can be an opportunity, as much as a problem for alcohol selling businesses. It’s a chance to introduce new and exciting non-alcoholic cocktail options that are as tasty as they are alcohol free.

Adding mocktails, or virgin cocktails, to the menu can contribute to the profit margin in more ways than one. They are good value for hospitality vendors, consisting of fresh fruit juices, syrups, cream, and herbs and spices. They are particularly favoured over cocktails by drivers, pregnant women, and others who choose party drinks that are alcohol-free.

A company spokesperson explained: “We’re experts at high-quality mixed drinks and love cocktails more than most, but consumer habits are changing. It’s easier than many bar managers realise to add virgin cocktails to the menu. A bit of imagination can go a long way.”

Adding non-alcoholic cocktails can also be a sustainable choice to please customers throughout the year. Two in three people who attempt Dry January complete the challenge, and three in four will go on to drink significantly less.

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