DWP Digital innovation sessions at Digital Leaders week

DWP Digital is taking part in Digital Leaders Innovation Week which is happening virtually and for free week commencing Monday 14 November.

DWP Digital have lots of exciting sessions and delegates will have the opportunity to earn themselves the DWP Data Badge by choosing eight talks that will boost and enhance knowledge around AI and data.

On 18 November at 10:00am Lianne Anderton and Amar Narayan, who work in DWP Digital’s Intelligent Automation Garage, will explain how they have been continuously innovating, industrialising and scaling solutions and show delegates three of their most iconic solutions that have enabled DWP Digital to deploy innovative digital technology to automate routine tasks, industrialise these to increase productivity and scale them to support DWPs 20 million claimants and customers. Sign up to their session: https://innovation-week.digileaders.com/talks/innovate-industrialise-scale-repeat/

Andy Tyack Deputy Director for Delivery on Universal Credit, DWP Digital will discuss, how having a clear and bold vision of where your technology needs to be, is critical and you don't want to leave it to chance. In his session ‘Engineering (a) Strategy’ he’ll talk about how bright and capable people need autonomy.

Join his session on 15 November at 3pm: https://innovation-week.digileaders.com/talks/engineering-a-strategy/

Ian Warburton from DWP Digital’s tech services team will talk about innovating boring networks, his session will cover LANs, WANs, Wi-Fi, the internet and Broadband. Ian will explain how the DWP transformed its boring aging network across 1000 offices used by more than 100,000 people into a smart and speedy one.

Join his session on 17 November at 10am https://innovation-week.digileaders.com/talks/innovating-boring-networks/

Other sessions from DWP Digital include:

A multidisciplinary data and analytics team will discuss Putting the Customer first: On data driven service transformation: https://innovation-week.digileaders.com/talks/putting-the-customer-first-on-data-driven-service-transformation/ 15 November at 10.30am

A talk from DWP Digital’s Data Science team pm how they are piloting a Bayesian estimation approach to A/B testing:  https://innovation-week.digileaders.com/speakers/mitchel-fruin/ 16 November at 12 noon.

DWP’s Data Quality journey: https://innovation-week.digileaders.com/talks/improving-data-quality-together/ 18 November at 11.30am.

Health and disability: how DWP Digital and Opencast collaborated to build a user-centred service: https://innovation-week.digileaders.com/talks/health-and-disability-how-dwp-and-opencast-collaborated-to-build-a-user-centred-service/ 14 November at 12.00 noon.

About DWP Digital:

DWP Digital are developing and delivering world-class digital services that benefit society today and will improve the lives of future generations. They build and maintain user-friendly digital services that enable millions of people to access the help, advice and financial support they need.

They are recruiting hundreds of digital specialists into their 7 Digital Hubs across the country: Newcastle, Leeds, Blackpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and London.

Although DWP Digital are one of the most advanced digital functions in government, they are still learning every day. They are on an exciting journey that needs talented and enthusiastic people.

Join a webinar to find out more:

You can register now to join the session being hosted by Digital Leaders: https://innovation-week.digileaders.com/

If you want to read more about DWP Digital, visit their Careers site: https://careers.dwp.gov.uk/

To find out more please contact: Rachel.Poole@DWP.GOV.UK

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Images show: 1 - Lianne Anderton from DWP Digital, IAG and 2 - DWP Digital colleagues Karl and Sapna collaborating around a laptop

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