Probably the Healthiest Granola in the World launches at Food Matters Live...

A year ago, TrooFoods Founders Mike and Helenor Rogers visited Food Matters Live on a quest to understand health trends and find healthy ingredients for their Troo Granola. Now, just 12 months later, they are back at Food Matters Live as exhibitors, launching what they claim is ‘Probably the Healthiest Granola in the world’.

Troo Granola contains 100% natural ingredients; is low sugar and gluten free. One bowl provides 25% of your daily fibre requirement and the same amount of protein as an egg. Packed full of nutritious British jumbo oats, nuts and seeds and sweetened with chicory root fibre (inulin) it tastes delicious too! “Too much healthy food comes with a taste compromise” says Helenor; “we wanted to create trooly healthy, no nonsense, blooming delicious granola – full stop”.

The team identified 5 big health trends at Food Matters Live last year – the importance of low sugar; the continuing rise of free from; the demands for clean labeling; the power and necessity of a plant-based diet and the potential for functional foods that enhance health. These trends were to form the basis for their new Troo Granola product concept.

They also found out a lot more about inulin, a natural sweetener gently extracted from chicory root. Inulin is the subject of a number of scientific studies exploring digestive health benefits. “We’re passionate about Gut Health” explains Michael, “we want to help people understand the importance of eating a rich and varied, largely plant-based diet. We’re also committed to developing a range of tasty, convenient, gut healthy options”.

TrooFoods have started with a range of gut healthy granola as breakfast is the time when people are most focused on healthy eating, getting the day off to a healthy start. Granola has also surged in popularity in the UK in recent years as people have been looking for tasty but healthier options. “Some of the granola you find really does NOT give you the best start” claims Helenor, “we’ve even found one in a leading health food store that contains 41% sugar. Much of this may be natural sugar, but it is sugar just the same – we just don’t feel that is right”.

Even the packaging of Troo Granola has been thought through – Troo will be one of the first cereal products to be packed in 100% compostable, recyclable and plastic free pouches.

“We’re launching our new Troo Granola at Food Matters Live as this is where it all started to come together” says Michael, “we aim to be selling packs in mainstream retailers in the new year and look forward to speaking with potential distributors at the show.”

TrooFoods will be on Stand 512 at Food Matters Live at the Excel Centre London from the 21st to 23rd November.

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About TrooFoods Ltd

TrooFoods is on mission to inspire people to be passionate about gut health and to bring a smile to gut healthy eating through their range of delicious high fibre, low sugar, gluten free products in plastic free packaging. Kicking it off with breakfast; they are launching a scrumptious range of ready to eat Troo Granola especially designed to provide a gut healthy start to the day. One bowl provides more than 25% of your daily fibre needs; is less than 3% sugar and has as much protein as an egg. Packed with prebiotics it also provides slow release energy and keeps you full ‘til lunch. Husband and wife team, Helenor and Michael Rogers are behind TrooFoods Ltd. They set up their ambitious family business after 25+ years each in the corporate world. Passionate about food and health; they want to inspire others to eat better to enjoy a healthy, happy life.