The game changing household appliance set to modernize the traditional domestic chore of ironing that doesn’t require any ironing board.

Little has been done to change the way that people iron for decades. That is until the EazzyPress came along.

With patented technology, the EazzyPress utilizes Teflon coated plates as well as an ergonomic grip extended handle which allows you to reach right into the centre of all your garments as well as providing completely multi directional operation. Better still, it requires absolutely no ironing board. The EazzyPress is the modern new way to iron, specially designed for single items or smaller batches of ironing where speed, efficiency, convenience and portability are required.

With the EazzyPress all you need is a regular coat hanger and a door. The product is even supplied with an over the door hook for your convenience. From busy Mum’s to frequent business travelers, students new to the concept of ironing to professionals who have precious little time in the morning to set up an ironing board, EazzyPress has a multitude of uses and is set to revolutionize the way that people do their occasional, on the spot, or ironing when away from home. Store your EazzyPress in a bedroom drawer, your utility room, caravan or even pack it in a suitcase. If you dislike ironing but you also happen to be one of the 64% who like to wear ironed clothes or are part of the 46% of people who only iron on demand, then the EazzyPress is for you.

We believe it’s nothing short of a game changer and if the early reception from on-line consumers if anything to go by, so too do the British public who have responded favorably already to purchasing a totally new household appliance that so far has had limited exposure or marketing budget put behind it.

What makes the EazzyPress so unique? Several things set the patented EazzyPress apart including the following key features and benefits:

• Ergonomic grip handle – designed to reach into the centre of all your garments

• Heat temperature settings – three distinct and fully adjustable regulated heat settings

• Teflon coated plates – provide even heat distribution for faster ironing results

• Create steam – provided with a water bottle which can be used to create a steam function on more stubborn wrinkles

• No ironing board required – no lengthy or inconvenient set-up

• Quick results – iron both sides at the same time for 50% quicker results

• Convenient – lightweight and compact design

• Portable – the perfect travel companion

• Versatile – works on all kinds of fabrics, not just clothes

Developed, designed and brought to life by Harry Ford the product has full International patents and trademarks in place. Harry recognized there was a gap in the market for a portable and convenient way to iron that would take up limited space in the modern home. Launched via Amazon and its own direct to consumer website in October 2018 it has received a positive consumer reception and robust sales. Are you ready to revolutionize the way that you iron?

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