Edtech start-up EdGenie on a mission to help all students secure top results

Innovative Edtech start-up EdGenie is on a mission to help A-level students secure top marks through affordable, top-level, online tuition.

Tackling issues surrounding the lack of adequate support and resources in sixth form and secondary education, this start-up aims to level the playing field for all students. Large class sizes and limited support in mainstream schools leave many secondary school students inadequately prepared for exams. Currently, up to 50% of students at A-level receive some form of private tuition to bridge their knowledge gaps, but with tutors charging rates of up to £100 per hour, others are locked out from receiving the additional help that they require.

EdGenie aims to help remove financial barriers to private tuition. Small online classrooms led by "super tutors" give students the dedicated attention and learning environment that they need to succeed. Crucially, this service costs less than 75% of the price of hiring these tutors independently, making private tuition accessible to students who may otherwise go without this support.

“Our first priority is to help our students get an A or A* in their chosen subjects", CEO Emre Aksahin explains.

"Unfortunately, in schools, students are unable to achieve this due to the current shortcomings of the education system and hence why the national average for an A and A* is only 25.2%. In comparison, our tutors working with EdGenie have an A* and A grade success rate of 92%. We want to give every single student the opportunity to achieve these results. That is what we believe in.”

Delivered through a modern, virtual classroom, students can currently participate in live interactive business, maths and economics lessons from the comfort of their own home.

Classes follow the A-level curriculum with lessons tailored around exam practice. Sessions are recorded so that students can revisit them at any time for reinforcement and revision and participants can log in anywhere, and on any device, making superior quality education accessible at the touch of a button.

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