Father's newborn helps give birth to new business venture

The first few weeks, months and years of your newborn’s life are incredibly special and fly by too fast. When you’re so absorbed in parenting you can forget to appreciate the tiny little developments which take place every day, and that’s where the idea of the ehayas baby memory book began.

ehayas owner, Hussain Jaffar, had just become a father to a baby girl named Yasmeen. He decided he wanted to find some way of documenting her first few years in the world and alighted on the idea of a first five years baby memory book.

Hussain said: “I wanted to document and record the milestones of Yasmeen’s first years, but I struggled to find anything on the market which would help me do that. Scrapbooking seemed like the perfect way to follow my little girl as she grew. Since I couldn’t find the all-in-one solution I was after, I decided I’d just have to design and publish one myself. The five-year unisex baby memory book I’ve come up with will help parents everywhere record those precious few years in their daughters’ and sons’ lives.”

Hussain has also set up a blog about the ehayas baby memory books, giving helpful hints on capturing those milestones and documenting their baby’s growth and development. The baby journal record book is set to be released very soon, and to mark the occasion, Hussain will be holding a massive giveaway. Parents can enter for the chance to win a generous £200 worth of scrapbooking supplies, giving them everything they’ll need to get started.

“This is the scrapbook I was looking for when my daughter first entered the world,” Hussain said. “I’m sure parents everywhere will be just as delighted as I’ve been with it, and I’m still happily filling my own as little Yasmeen grows up.”

For more information, visit: https://ehayas.com/

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About ehayas

ehayas is a new startup that aims at providing unique baby products for parents who wish to document their babies’ stories and milestones for a lifetime. Currently including a Baby Memory Book with an Infographic poster and a Baby-safe Inkpad, ehayas is undergoing serious assessments to come up with the next product idea to make your baby’s journal worthwhile.

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