Election result good for Enterprise says EIS Association

Election result good for Enterprise says EIS Association

The sizeable majority won by the Conservative Party has been welcomed by the Director General of the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association, as securing continued support for investors who use the EIS scheme to back new business initiatives.

‘We are not a political organisation, but today’s results do take away the fear of the removal of the tax incentives for the many investors that support new businesses in the early stages of their development and growth. We were hugely encouraged by the words in the Conservative Manifesto that….. “We are proud of the work we have done to support entrepreneurship and want to see more entrepreneurs, including women and those from BAME backgrounds. Some of our work has been spectacularly successful – such as the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme and Enterprise Investment Scheme, which we will continue in the next Parliament”, and we now look forward to working with the Government going forward to ensure that it continues to be at the centre of their business growth agenda,’ said Mark Brownridge, EISA Director General.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme provides investors supporting early stage businesses with both advantageous income tax treatment , and attractive capital gains tax treatment.

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