No Guts, No Glory

Do you suffer with heartburn, bloating, wind, constipation, food allergies, IBS, headaches, fatigue or decreased energy? The biggest factor in determining your overall health involves an organ system that most of us ignore and even disrespect on a daily basis. This system is involved in a breathtaking number of important bodily functions that would amaze you. It’s a surrogate brain, it helps regulate your metabolism and weight and it oversees most of your immune-system defenses. Harm it, and you risk harming the entire health of your entire body. Pay attention to it though, and you are guaranteed better health.

What is this astonishing system that does so much yet commands so little respect? It’s your gut. That’s right. It’s simply impossible to be well if your gut isn’t working right. Yet few of us really appreciate or understand what the gut does (which is far more than mere digestion). Nor do most of us care for our guts, as we should. In fact many of us may be doing this organ system more harm than good without even realizing it.

Dr. Steven Lamm, MD, internist on the faculty of New York University and popular TV Doctor, has been a long time advocate of Gut Health, moving from intervention to prevention. He is author of “No Guts, No Glory”, which proposes a 3-step plan he calls “The Gut Solution”. The first step is the Gut-Smart Eating Plan that focuses on natural foods like raw vegetables and whole grains, which contain live digestive enzymes to maximize absorption of nutrients and aid bowel regularity. The second step is Detoxification, a process sorely needed to cleanse the damaging effects of living in a highly polluted environment. Dr Lamm shows readers how to purge the gut of toxins by drinking more water, cutting stress, exercising more, sleeping better, taking select high quality supplements and eliminating addictive substances. The third step is Restoring the gut to full function by replenishing our gradually decreasing stores of enzymes as a result of the aging process, and repopulating with probiotics and prebiotics that supply essential healthy bacteria. A gut-check questionnaire helps identify problem areas so you can customize each step of the plan to your specific needs.

No matter when you make changes in your life, you can still reap the benefits of bolstering your gut, reinvigorating its digestive and immune capabilities and boosting your overall health. As Dr Lamm writes: “If you start caring for your gut right now – you’ll not only reverse many debilitating health conditions but you’ll also achieve full vitality and true wellness. Guaranteed”.

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