Winning the Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade

After many years of hard work, the efforts of Eventuri have been recognised upon receipt of the Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade. Only small businesses that achieve consistently impressive levels of growth over a three-year period are graced with this prestigious award, highlighting just how significant the successes of Element 1 Engineering T/A Eventuri really are.

Bilal Mahmood, co-founder and director of the startup company, said, "I am very proud of what my team has achieved since our inception in 2014. A great idea, vision, and hard work has led to us not only being commercially successful, but also receiving this esteemed award. It is a great recognition for us as a business. We look forward to developing more products and increasing our exports in the future."

These sentiments are echoed by Imran Arshad, Bilal Mahmood's business partner and co-founder, saying: "It's great to receive this kind of recognition especially in the niche sector like ours. I look forward to seeing where this leads us in the future and hope to apply for an award for innovation next time around."

Born of a shared passion for car tuning and modification, producing high-performing cars and aeronautics, Eventuri set out to correct and challenge disappointingly poor gains in the automotive industry. Its co-founders felt that they had the potential to redesign and carefully engineer innovative systems that could live up to their claims and be backed up with real figures.

As demonstrated by their latest achievement, Eventuri have delivered this and more, ensuring that all their methods feature only the highest quality in terms of design, materials and testing. There's no question about it, these rising stars are set to continue their steady upward increase, skyrocketing to new heights and success.

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About Element 1 Engineering T/A Eventuri

Eventuri was founded in 2014 by Bilal Mahmood and Imran Arshad who have a background in Aeronautics and car tuning – both sharing a passion for cars and performance. After owning various intakes over many years for our own cars and being disappointed with the gains which seldom lived up to their claims – we decided to take things into our own hands and rewrite the book. To set a new benchmark in intake design and technology, above all – to engineer systems which provide real gains and then to publish genuine figures.