Exercise.co.uk Launches New Bionic Body Fitness Range

Exercise.co.uk has recently announced the launch of a new range of fitness accessories. Designed to offer full-body workouts at home, the Bionic Body collection has been created with simplicity, space-saving, and economy at its core.

Ben Owst, the Head of Creative at Exercise.co.uk, explains: “We’ve been excited to launch Bionic Body because we believe it removes a lot of the barriers that prevent people from exercising, such as time constraints, cost, space availability, and provides the knowledge behind doing it.”

The specially created collection includes a number of fitness accessories, from resistance bands through to kettlebells and medicine balls. What each of these has in common is their highly attractive price tag, relatively small size, and suitability for effective at-home exercise.

Perfect for toning up, the products in this home fitness collection have been selected on the basis that they’re simple and straightforward to use. Chosen by celebrity trainer Kim Lyons, of Biggest Loser US fame, they don’t require any prior exercise experience to utilise them in a home-based shape-up regime.

In addition to the products themselves, the range is accompanied by a free app, which comes complete with workouts, exercises, and nutritional information curated by Ms Lyons. Crafted to help individuals make the most of their purchase and achieve their fitness goals at home, this is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Revolving around an innovative and altruistic idea, Bionic Body is a fitness concept unlike any other. Putting your health at the forefront of its ambitions, it is focused less on profit and more on providing a genuinely useful and beneficial range of exercise accessories.

Interested in learning more about this unique and original collection and the company behind it? Then head to


to find out what’s available. The exercise revolution begins today!

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