Yorkshire Company Completes Project with Natural History Museum

Scarborough-based visual merchandising company So… Visualise has just revealed its second collaboration with the prestigious Natural History Museum, London.

Lisa Borrie, founder of So… Visualise, said: “We are delighted to announce we’ve completed an incredible immersive retail experience project with the Natural History Museum in London, the world-renowned attraction.

“Our team designed and created a bespoke woodland display that was subsequently installed at the Cranbourne Boutique, an eclectic retail space at the iconic museum which attracts over five million visitors a year.

“We were tasked with creating a timeless, engaging display and our team created a captivating winter woodland theme, including wild creatures, foliage and trees that would appeal to customers from all over the world.

“We designed the woodland theme following a consultation and we had an exclusive preview of their Christmas products so our creations worked in tandem with their important festive retail period.

“The idea was to incorporate the retail products in an innovative way: we created hidden tree hollows, secret shelves and other ideas so that customers couldn’t resist putting their nose up to the glass to discover the secrets of this winter wonderland.”

This latest project for Lisa and her team had its challenges including timescale, proportions of the installation area and adhering to their on-going commitment of reducing impact on the natural environment by using recyclable materials and soluble printer’s inks.

Lisa concluded: “The project has attracted great feedback and has delivered what it set out to do: giving customers a spectacular shopping experience at one of the country’s most respected heritage venues. In fact, it’s been so successful the museum has ordered numerous additional display materials which we’ve delivered in time for Christmas.”

Lisa’s founded her business after working for an international design company in Europe before moving back to Yorkshire and setting up So… Visualise, which specialises in prop design, hire and visual merchandising.

The Cranbourne Boutique opened in 2017 at the Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London.

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