Big Potato Board Games: The Holiday Emergency Service for Happier Families

Let’s face it, family festive celebrations can be stressful, and boring! And if the 2021 festive season brings the dread of children’s attention buried deep in their devices, Granny falling asleep before lunch, and no longer being able to put your family on mute - then it is time to call in the Big Potato Games Emergency Service. Original, planet-friendly board games with family fun guaranteed.

Big Potato has been creating brilliant, engaging games for groups of all sizes and players of all ages, since 2014. Now, with over 40 games available in 30 countries globally, if you have a family entertainment problem, and no one else can help, you’ll find them in most major toy retailers, online and on Amazon.

Seasonal suggestions which promise to drag teens away from their battery-guzzling gadget include Herd Mentality, which can be played by over eight players, and is a great way to get the party started, as new players can join at any time. The rules are simple; you just need to predict the same answer as the rest of the “herd”.

Another Big Potato bestseller sure to keep families engaged is Colourbrain; the only skill you need is to be the fastest to correctly identify colours of popular items. (For younger ones, there is Junior Colourbrain too).

Other year round family favourites and Big Potato bestsellers include Dino Dump, Top of The Pops, P for PIzza, Muffin Time, and many more. Bluff your way to victory with Snakesss, the ultimate game of deception.

Dean Tempest, Founder of Big Potato Games explains “, Our passion for board games means that we know how vital they are to families over the holidays. We understand the importance of getting away from screens and connecting.. Our games are original, and they are extensively tested so that we know they are genuinely fun and will be brought out all year-'round.”

Big Potato Games pledge to try their best to be planet-friendly; their “One Game One Tree “ initiative means that a tree is planted in Madagascar for every game sold online. Additionally, Big Potato offers to replace lost pieces of all their games free of charge - so that’s one less thing to worry about.

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About Big Potato
Big Potato is an indie games company from England.
We specialise in party games which are easy to learn
and quick to play.
From our Victorian workshop in London, we invent,
design, sell, manufacture and market our ever-growing
range of party games.
We know that when people play our games they love
them. So we work closely with YouTubers to get the
world watching our games being played, and appear
at events around the world to get people playing
them too. In this way, we’ve built a loyal following
of Big Potato fans around the world.

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