Learn how to publish your first book with an international bestseller, coaching a music celebrity live.

Those who want to step up to publish their own books have a wonderful opportunity to learn how on Monday 15th May at the Factory Studios between 6.30 and 8.00pm at the “I AM Event” entitled “YOUR BOOK – How to write it FAST!”

They will join International Writing Guild Founder, international Business best-seller writer Denise Michaels, and ex Scritti Politti drummer Tom Morley. Tom is now an accomplished public speaker and facilitator, and Denise will guide him through the fundamentals of publishing his first book.

Says Nicola Millington, founder of FP Comms the marketing agency who produce “I AM Events”, “Publishing is one of quickest routes to recognition and thought leadership across all sectors, especially for those selling services that utilise skills and expertise to gain success.”

At “YOUR BOOK – How to write it FAST!” Denise the Vegas-based international best-selling business author, an expert published in 16 countries and coach to thousands of successful writers worldwide for a decade will take Tom Morley and the audience through how to identify their USP, how to celebrate their talent through writing, how to identify what their target readership wants to read and how to manage the project.

“I’m used to speaking to diverse groups from community to CEO level in numbers from 5 to 5000. We often drum and sing too, all 500 of us. How do you communicate that feeling, that elation on paper? I’m looking forward to Denise helping me on that journey,” says Morley. “We’ve already started via Skype so we’ll re-visit those stages and lock down some next steps,” he continues.

There will be an optional after show drum activity led by Tom Morley at which attendants can benefit from his motivational skills to help power them through their publishing ambitions. Tickets are available via Eventbrite - http://bit.ly/2qCfg8R

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Notes to Editors:

1. For further comment and interview requests contact: Nicola Millington, Founder of FP Comms, and “I AM Events.” Tel 020 8099 1988 Email: pr@fpcomms.co.uk Website: www.fpcomms.co.uk Twitter: @fpcomms Instagram: @fpcomms

2. Denise Michaels has helped thousands of speakers, coaches, therapists, healers and consultants write books that position them as experts so they become sought-after and in-demand. Founder of the International Book Writing Guild, Denise’s clients span the globe. Her own ground-breaking book, “Testosterone-Free Marketing” became a business bestseller, gaining readers and selling in 16 countries

3. Tom Morley played kit drums with the Art School band Scritti Politti in his 20s, focussed on songwriting in his 30s, studied psychology and facilitation in his 40s, and set up Instant Teamwork International in his 50s to build high-performance teams. He is now writing his first book. http://www.instantteamwork.com

4. The “I AM Events” are a series that share the insights of experienced people who transition from corporate life into solo and self-led careers. They help facilitate management of the challenges a career change involves and smooth the way through that transition. #IAMEVENTS

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