Marketing Company FP Comms, launches the largest online workshop for bloggers and brands

Marketing Company, FP Comms is embarking on hosting two of the largest online workshops for Brands that want to connect with Influencers and Influencers who want to connect more effectively with Brands.

As a marketing company, FP Comms is successfully becoming recognised as an expert in connecting influencers and brands.

Currently working with some of the most exciting emerging brands including; skincare, food and drink and beauty brands, FP Comms’ recent successful campaigns included working with over 100 influencers (bloggers and vloggers).

Nicola Millington; Director of FP Comms stated;

“Working with Influencers can be a very exciting and humbling experience. I personally relish and encourage bloggers and vloggers to be honest about their opinion on a product or service. For me this aspect of working with influencers is imperative to success and in fact I believe builds better brands.”

Millington continued;

“Having worked in Marketing for over 10 years, I have seen a change in the tools businesses use today. However, the core values, of great marketing, always remain the same. In the 21st century the power of Influencers is increasingly becoming evident. They’re ability to nurture and communicate with their followers and friends, has created a powerful platform for brands to engage.”

The two online workshops will take place on 26th June and 3rd July.

The first workshop entitled ‘Engaging with bloggers, vloggers and influencers is dedicated to brands that want to understand how to connect with brands effectively, will take place on 26th June.

The workshop on 3rd July is dedicated to influencers that want to connect with brands - in addition to an amazing wealth of information and first hand expertise; registrants will also receive a free gift for them to review.

For full booking details and to secure your early bird tickets, visit our booking page on

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