SwetWipes announces product name change to FreshWipes

After a consultation period, SwetWipes Ltd, the producer of antibacterial and biodegradable body wipes, has announced it is changing the name of it's flagship product to FreshWipes. Each wipe is 30 x 20cm and is produced to be large, wet, and thick enough to be used on the whole body, removing odour and leaving the user feeling fresh and clean.

Launched in 2020, SwetWipes was originally conceived as a convenient and high-quality body wipe solution for busy sporting types. People who cycled to work and became sweaty could use a SwetWipe (hence the pun) to give themselves a clean before starting their day, removing the need for a time-consuming shower.

However, during the first lockdown, lots of customers were introduced to SwetWipes because antibacterial wipes were in short supply. Soon they were being used in facilities such as care homes, for disabled and elderly people unable to shower, and for HGV drivers who found themselves completing long haul journeys without adequate washing facilities. Tabitha Fung, a UKWheelchair Tennis Player, called the wipes 'an absolute godsend' for anyone struggling to shower.

However, customers weren't keen on the name of the product and its association with sweating rather than body cleansing. One commented, "horses sweat, we don't!"

Liz Barnes, Managing Director of SwetWipes Ltd, said: "We have been overwhelmed by the support of our customers during our first year and humbled by the many hundreds of emails we have received telling us how FreshWipes have changed their lives for the better."

A pack of 12 wipes costs just £4.99, including free delivery. They are available at www.FreshWipes.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk.

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