British company FusionExperience Limited partners with innovative New Zealand company RedShield Limited, for their next generation cyber protection capability – Shielding

FusionExperience located at Tower Hill in London, has signed an agreement to partner with RedShield to develop integrated cyber protection services, with their governance, risk and compliance orchestration. Branded FusionComply this is a fresh approach to maintaining Digital Trust, with early customers already benefiting from this approach.

RedShield’s innovative approach and technology fits perfectly with the ethos of speed and care, being able to deliver 100% protection to web facing applications, a factor of fifty times faster than patching and code remediation could ever achieve. Recent customers had vulnerabilities neutered in days, this being impossible to achieve by any other route in the time available. When compared to its nearest equivalent technology, Web Application Firewalls, Red Shield have skipped a generation using libraries of codes and algorithms that are truly interactive for the customer’s purposes. Not only is the RedShield solution fast to deploy it is also truly cost effective.

The partnership is focussed on transforming the delivery of cyber protection and internal governance, recognising that they go hand-in-hand, both required in ensuring your organisation is truly and effectively protected.

Delivering the new joined up service the FusionComply solution is based on a family of platforms, BoxedComply, GRCOne, Proton Technologies and now RedShield |

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A Shield works by watching the Internet traffic going to and from a browser or a mobile device. Then with a myriad of tiny pieces of code it decides what should go through, or should be altered to prevent it exploiting a weakness or go looking in places it shouldn’t. These Shield-Codes creating an electronic shared mind or gestalt that gets the job done and is 100% effective when used properly.

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LOCATION: FusionExperience Limited (FusionComply), International House, St Katherine's Way, Tower Hill, London E1W 1UN.

FURTHER INFORMATION OR CASE STUDIES: Kenneth Tombs, +44 (0)207 084 7460.

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