STOP the spread of Covid – and keep businesses OPEN!

Covid-19 has turned our lives and businesses upside down!

But have we learnt anything?

It appears that by following Hands-Face-Space and Track & Trace we can reduce transmission not only of Covid-19 but also the common diseases that that hit us every year, seasonal flu, colds etc

Flu last year was down 95% - Coincidence?

Stephen Briggs MD Global Procurers Ltd “Coincidence? I don’t think so, by maintaining the disciplines we have learnt over the past 15 months we can dramatically reduce the spread of Covid-19, its variants and all other bacterial and viral infections. At some stage of an infection the body temperature rises, anyone showing a rise in temperature could be a potential “spreader”. Do you really want them on your premises?”

Briggs has developed a machine that will help businesses reduce the spread of viral and bacterial diseases by monitoring people as they enter and leave premises.

Thermal Scanning is just one of the many benefits the Genesis offers businesses.

Integral Contact-less hand sanitiser - germs are spread by air and touch. Prevention is far better than cure. Mandatory washing/sanitising of hands BEFORE people enter premises would be good. The Genesis can be programmed to advise / tell visitors or staff to sanitise their hands BEFORE proceeding and the hand contact-less sanitiser is there to oblige!

The Genesis face mask detector warns/advises the entrant not to proceed without a face mask.

Track & Trace The facial ID and card reader enables customers to pre-register or register at the machine, their temperature, mask status and identity (photo) are all recorded. All details automatically deleted after a pre-set time. The default is 21 days for visitors to comply with GDPR.

The Genesis can be set so that a non-registered person can enter whatever detail is required, minimal - email, or mobile phone number or full, name, mobile, Post Code, car number, vaccination number etc.

Social Distancing: Maintaining social distancing in shops and pubs will be incredibly important and so monitoring how many people are in a given area is essential. A Genesis at the entrance will record all that enter and another on exit recording how many leave can save substantial staff costs in monitoring how many persons are in the building/area and will warn when occupancy level is reached and advise when entry is again permitted.

The Genesis is a must for all types of businesses, care-homes, doctors’ surgeries, dentists, hospitals, all types of hospitality venues, exhibitions, open-day events….

Wherever people visit or work.

Reducing the spread is good for the NHS, it’s good for business, it’s good for the economy it’s good for all of us!

The Genesis not only helps with health and wealth of the nation there are several very exciting marketing benefits.


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