Analysis: Best and worst shares of 2019 that could be due a reversal

Good Money Guide has released it's annual report on the best and word performing shares of 2019 that could be due a reversal in 2020.

The analysis is designed to highlight stocks listed in the FTSE 350 that have performed badly in 2019 that could recover in 2020 as well as stellar performing shares that could be due a fall in 2020 as the share price runs out of steam.

Richard Berry founder of the Good Money Guide said: "Nothing goes up in a straight line forever so traders and investors should be be looking to lock in some profits as we enter another uncertain year. There will almost certainly be an unexpected black swan event that may knock the markets at some point. It's also important to note that the best bargains in the stock markets can be found in shares that have recently performed badly, as they may be oversold and work picking up in hopes of a recovery"

The free report can be found online here:

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