"Good Money Guide Essential Reading List For 2020" Top financial services CEOs recommend their favourite books and websites

Good Money Guide has released it's summarised recommended resources and books from our CEO interviews of 2019 to provide a "Good Money Guide Essential Reading List For 2020" for those who want to make more of their money.

From billionaires to start-up founders, when we talk to CEOs we always ask “What books, websites or resources would you recommend that can help people make more of their money?”.

The "Good Money Guide Essential Reading List For 2020" recommendations consist of websites, books and services that CEO's have recommended during our CEO interviews for financial service providers on Good Money Guide.

Richard Berry, founder of the Good Money Guide said "It's an excellent way to gain insight into how those at the top of financial services manage their own money whilst looking after yours."

Richard Berry also said: "If you’re looking for a book to help you make more money investing, save, manage your money better or want tips on launching a financial services business we have summarised the recommended resources from our 2019 founder and CEO interviews in the "Good Money Guide Essential Reading List For 2020" ."

Good Money Guide CEO interviews are designed to give our readers some insight into the leadership of the companies they may potentially become clients of. The ethos from any business comes from the top and by understanding a CEO’s objectives, clients can make a more informed decision about whether a provider is suitable for them."

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You can see individual recommendations and quotes here: https://goodmoneyguide.com/essential-reading-for-2020/

Full list of CEO interviews here: https://goodmoneyguide.com/ceo-interviews/

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