Guardian Angel Care Opens in Mayfair to provide what is being dubbed "Shape-Shift Healing"

Is it Real Or Illusion? Guardian Angel, touted as Mayfair's Multi-Form Physical Shape-Shifter employs what he calls the Mental Perception Alter method to heal and exorcise people's mental demons where the subconscious is projected into physical form from the person's mind. The Spiritual meets the Psychological in a pioneering new technique that is providing results that are baffling traditional Psychiatrics. Guardian Angel has traveled the world learning Shamanism, Psychology and Spirituality and has been healing people privately for over ten years as he has developed and perfected this technique. In opening it's doors exclusively to London Mayfair, Guardian Angel Care aims to reveal this practice fully to the world.

With a combination of Psychology, Showmanship and Shamanism, clients have reported to see Guardian Angel transform into spirits, lost loved ones, family, guides, angels and beyond in a process which has provided tangible healing results.

How Guardian Angel does this remains a secret - whether it is real or illusion is never revealed, but the results are real and have tangibly changed people's lives.

With the Opening of it's Mayfair London Clinic, Guardian Angel Care aims to provide a service for those who feel that their mental demons have taken over their life - across all forms of mental health - they aim to help people finally face their demons in what could be seen as a form of Exorcism. Clients have been said to have resolved many issues including Anger management, Addictions, Anxieties, Depressions, Marriage & Couples issues, Personality disorders, Schizophrenia, Stress, Insomnia, Fatigue, Bereavement and even a number of Physical health issues.

The Guardian Angel Care services can be read and booked now at For those interested a witnessing session begins at £295 and results are guaranteed or your money back.

About Guardian Angel Care

Guardian Angel Care is a recently opened new business In London Mayfair which aims to provide a complete healing experience for the spiritual, psychological and emotional using a revolutionary new process known as "Mental Perception Alter" which is world exclusive to Guardian Angel Care alone in London Mayfair. Guardian Angel himself has traveled the world learning Shamanism, Psychology and Spirituality and has been healing people privately for over ten years. Guardian Angel Care aims to take this fully public to the world.