BR-DGE partners with Group Payments Platform Hands In to give merchants greater access to flexible payments

Partnering with Hands In expands BR-DGE’s offering to merchants in travel, leisure, and hospitality whilst offering the ability for consumers to split costs at the checkout

BR-DGE, the leading payment orchestration provider, has today launched a partnership with Hands In, the innovative payments solution that enables customers to split the cost of purchases at the checkout.

BR-DGE’s Partnership Program brings together over 300 payment providers and technology solutions to enable merchants to optimise their payments stack, access the latest payment innovations, and benefit from payment orchestration. Founded by Samuel Flynn, Hands In has built an innovative solution which allows customers to split their basket equally, by item or with custom amounts, and invite all group members to participate.

This latest collaboration gives BR-DGE merchants access to Hands In’s cost-splitting solution via BR-DGE’s Connect solution, reducing friction at the checkout for group bookings, driving sales, and enabling merchants to meet the changing payment demands of consumers.

The partnership is especially relevant to merchants in the travel, leisure, and hospitality sectors where group payments have higher failed payment rates due to customers often purchasing the entire cost of travel, trips, and excursions on one card. This friction lengthens the customer journey, creating a frustrating payment experience for consumers whilst placing greater financial pressure on the individual fulfilling the transaction. Leveraging BR-DGE and Hands In’s existing work in the hospitality, leisure, and travel industries, this collaboration is set to transform how group payments are handled.

Led by CEO Thomas Gillan, BR-DGE’s platform is revolutionising online payments for merchants by offering a universe of payment options via a single point of integration. BR-DGE has worked with partners, including Kenwood Travel and Travel Counsellors, to enhance the payment journey of customers, ensuring that they receive a frictionless end-to-end experience and greater choice through a range of alternative payment methods. By integrating with Hands In, BR-DGE’s merchants and broader network of payment processors can access the latest cutting-edge technology in payments.

“By partnering with BR-DGE, Hands In can demonstrate its seamless integration as a plug-and-play solution for payment orchestration platforms, gateways, and acquirers,” said Samuel Flynn, Founder and CEO of Hands In. “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our company’s growth, and we are thrilled to collaborate with the forward-thinking team at BR-DGE to bring this solution to the travel and hospitality sector.”

Commenting on the partnership, Tom Voaden, Head of Partnerships at BR-DGE added: “As merchants in the travel, hospitality, and leisure sectors look ahead to a busy Summer trading period, they are keen to fill any gaps in their payment infrastructure and offer consumers a pain-free customer experience. Working with Hands In, BR-DGE merchants are able to access the very latest technology in payments and provide their customers with the best possible experience when making purchases. We are excited to work with the team at Hands In whilst enabling our merchants to drive revenues by plugging into the best payment solutions at speed.”

This announcement showcases both fintechs recent growth with BR-DGE increasing its merchants acquisitions by 3x in 2022, and Hands In announcing a funding round in May 2023 to accelerate the commercialisation of its group payment services.


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Hands In is a group payments solution that delivers simple to use plug and play technology that can work with existing acquirer, gateway and payment orchestration solutions.

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Hands In is a service that aggregates payments across groups, enabling individuals to pay individually, but merchants to receive one total payment.

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