BoyzIIMen, TLC, Blackstreet & a glass of vino

BoyzIIMen, TLC and Blackstreet touched-down-under to perform at RnB Vine Days, a festival concept taking place at wineries all around Australia. Attendees were permitted to bring picnic gear, which made the day on the green a fine one with a glass of vino and old school music to savor. Others viewed the concert from the Sirromet restaurant area, which included canapés and drinks for those who preferred to dine in the distance.

Typically, the action was mostly at the forefront of the pits. DJ Yo Mafia entertained the crowd with good vibes prior to the show, while DJ Horizon played club bangers between performances.

‘It Wasn’t Me’ singer Shaggy was originally scheduled in the lineup, but canceled due to a last-minute opportunity to perform at the Superbowl NFL ‘tailgate’ show with Sting in the US on the conflicting day. In a statement he said “I’m disappointed to not celebrate RNB Vine Days with my fans,” promising to make it up to them. Organisers were prompt to replace him with ‘No Diggity’ hit 90’s group ‘Blackstreet’.

Ironically, on the same day as the announcement, TLC were forced to cancel their set at the Australian Open in Melbourne due to technical difficulties. The girls were dressed and ready to get on stage at 6pm but the 40 degree scorching heat, resulted in a complete computer meltdown. Fortunately, on this occasion, Brisbane provided cooler weather to allow the girls complete their much awaited for performance.

The show commenced at 6pm with opening act ‘Blackstreet’ singing their hit ‘Get you home’, followed by ‘Don’t Leave Me’ and a number of tracks including a rendition of 'Shout' by Tears for Fears, ending strong with their smash hit ‘No Diggity’.

Tboz and Chilli then made their entry with “What About Your Friends” following their greatest hits with an interval paying tribute to their late band member Lisa 'Left Eye’ Lopes. Although the rapper wasn’t present, the two girls carried out the last song ‘Waterfalls’ flawlessly with their backing dancers in custom designed motorsport attire.

Legendary ‘BoyzIIMen’ then took us back to romance in the 90’s, with multiple familiar love songs, ending with ‘End Of The Road’. Dressed in all white, the now three-man-band vocals were still at the top of their game - although their former bass singer was not present.

Overall, these 90’s pioneers performed fabulously at the Sirromet winery which ended up being a festive day out in the sun, apart from a mild evening shower. The tour continues throughout Australia.

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