Advatech launch UK's first technology-driven, dedicated transport service for non-emergency patients

Advatech Healthcare Europe is launching HIPPO Mobility – the UK's first technology-driven, dedicated, asset-light, and cost-effective transportation service for disabled, elderly people, and non-emergency patients.

"We have 13.4 million disabled people in this country and they do not have dedicated transportation services or on-demand services. HIPPO Mobility is bridging the gap between a taxi and ambulances services with fully trained driver, specially adapted vehicles, live video streaming, and remote medical monitoring to offer an end to end services." - Samit Biswas Founder & CEO, Advatech Healthcare Europe.

The new transport system will provide a hygienic and secure means of transport, which is essential for those who have limited mobility and are unable to use public transport or taxi services. The technology is being delivered in line with a risk-averse model, that will curtail any security risks associated with online mobile app technology.

A company spokesperson explained; "HIPPO Mobility will cut down up to 70% of the transportation costs, offering faster bed rotation, and less waiting in the A & E."

In addition to the benefits for patients themselves and helping to take the weight off the NHS ambulance service, there are demonstrated long-term economic benefits for the UK.

Based in London, Advatech Healthcare has been in operation since 2010 and is credited with providing a number of cutting edge healthcare services. The technology they provide facilitates the safe movement of non-emergency patients, transport vehicles, and ambulances in a cost-effective, and convenient solution that is both safe and comfortable for patients.

The vital service will run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and benefits from advances such as real-time tracking that enables vehicles and passengers to be traceable at all times.

Another new service the company is currently organizing is an out of hours logistics service for pathology samples to the NHS and independent sector. This will help improve the UK’s ability to cope with increased pressure on healthcare services due to the current pandemic and further support systems that are currently in place.

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About Hippo Mobility

Hippo Mobility is the World's First technology-driven, dedicated, hygienic, safe, and comfortable transportation services for disabled, elderly people, and non-emergency patients. Hippo offers live streaming and remote medical monitoring for each and every journey to offer complete safety and protected journey. All Hippo drivers are employed by the company and they are fully trained to manage any kind of disability. Hippo Mobility offers faster bed rotation in the hospital, less waiting time at the A&E, and can help the NHS to save up to 70% of the transportation cost.

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