Company history to be re-written post-Covid

The story of a company, properly told, has great power not just for branding, but for engaging new and existing employees. Post-covid, where working environments have been dislocated and working communities broken up, there is a great opportunity for employers to bring their teams back together using their own histories - properly told.

To achieve this Historic Productions has launched a service, aimed at the small-to-medium business market, that will research and write a company story that is themed, organised and relevant for new and existing employees. James Hooper of Historic Productions described the launch, "Too often company histories are expensive publications created for anniversaries that sit on shelves or in lobbies targeting the wrong people. Our approach to company history is more like the great TV programme "Who do you think you are?" It's specifically aimed at the employee, to engage and entertain them and ultimately to retain them."

Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia, former CEO of Virgin Money UK, endorsed the launch “Innovative use of company history can be a major contributor to better workplace wellbeing and happier, more productive employees. I’m pleased to support Historic Productions who are leading the development of this field at a crucial time”.


Historic Productions

Notes to Editors

James Hooper founded Historic Productons following 10 years as the UK Director of the Global Heritage Fund, working on UNESCO World Heritage Sites from China to Colombia. He’s spent years seeking innovative ways of empowering people to become stewards of their own heritage. Around the world, he’s used the power of heritage to create bonds that drive business and development for entire communities. A graduate of Cambridge University, James is a qualified solicitor and from 2016 to 2018 served as a trustee of the Prince's School of Traditional Arts.

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About Historic Productions

Historic Productions creates company histories that are affordable, relevant and entertaining for your team. We're like "Who do you think you are?" - for your company! Our experience is that company history is an under-exploited asset as most businesses simply don't have the time to address the issue, and many of the options out there are overpriced and un-strategic, meaning that expensive "anniversary" books get written which then sit on shelves or in lobbies. In most cases a team-focused company history can be brought to life with a small investment and some specialist expertise. The outcomes are both a better brand story and better employee engagement - a double win. To create each unique company history we have a best-in-class team of historians, researchers and associates, a friendly style and a simple pricing structure.