#PeriodsNotPills Campaign

House of Rosemary has launched a new campaign Period, Not Pills. We're raising awareness in schools about periods and drug-free ways to deal with the pain

Period pain is the number 1 reason why teen girls are absent form school, and we're doing something about it!

We're so delighted to be doing this as it's not a service that has been offered in schools as far as we're aware.

Our goal is to significantly reduce the number of teens that are being prescribed the contraceptive pill, which is proving detrimental long term.

Notes to Editor:

- For more information about this campaign visit www.instagram.com/houseofrosemary

- For more information about how we help women get rid of period pains, visit www.houseofrosemary.com

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About House of Rosemary

As a Medical Herbalist, I help women get rid of period pains, so they're not knocked off track each month. Our core drive is raising awareness that period pain isn't normal, and educating teens and women on how they can live with more energy and vitality every day of the month (yes it's possible :-). We've started a project in secondary schools where we run workshops/talks talking to young girls about how to have a more positive experience with their periods. N.B Medical Herbalists are practitioners trained in the medical sciences, and use medicinal plants to treat diseases. We use the same clinical skills as GPs to diagnose, but treat conditions from a holistic angle.