With loneliness now affecting 12 million Brits - iamlovingkindnessnetwork is filling the void with their LovingKindness group sessions over Zoom

iamlovingkindnessnetwork provides an essential, joyful, daily, virtual service that also serves to fill the void of immense loneliness Covid-19 and 'lockdown' has created. It is now estimated that 12million adults in Great Britain are effected by loneliness and half a million people go at least five or six days a week without seeing or speaking to anyone! (stats by the ONS)

by: Christi Sime - Founder iamlovingkindnessnetwork

Aug. 18 2021 -- (London, UK) -- iamlovingkindnessnetwork is doing something truly miraculous in a time where we are all craving, safety, assurance and human connection. iamlovingkindnessnetwork has built a safe, joyful, happy, virtual space for our online community that includes all ages and backgrounds to come together via our daily group 'motivational & joyful' sessions to connect and be reminded how special each and everyone of us are.

Our daily morning BOOST! virtual group sessions sets up our members to start each morning with intention, rather than letting the day run away. These morning group virtual sessions motivates, lifts our mood and boosts our energy levels. This we know has a positive effect on the rest of the day and over time ripples positivity into all areas of our lives. iamlovingkindnessnetwork evening sessions are specifically designed to unwind and de-stress members at the end of the day & also helps members to get a good nights sleep.

Our members love knowing there is a virtual space for them to be every day, to be seen & heard and to hold the space meaningfully for others. What sets iamlovingkindnessnetwork apart from the mind & wellness apps is that we are a live, interactive service & our members (17+) meaningfully engage with us. Human connection in our virtual world is more important than ever and we have designed a safe, virtual lovingkindness space to connect daily.

Our monthly membership provides unlimited access to ALL LIVESTREAM group sessions & we have for a limited time a 30 Days free trial. Please see our website for more information.

we hope to see you soon and often!


Notes to Editors

iamlovingkindnessnetwork is looking for partners to get the service into the mainstream. The service is priced very low it works out to be £0.30 a session & we want everyone to be able to access if they want to. We only launched in July and we hope the government's let talk loneliness campaign supports us but we are waiting to hear back...

Please reach out to Christi - Founder iamlovingkindnessnetwork
+44 7975 986677

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About iamlovingkindnessnetwork LTD

We are an Online Joyful Community Wellness Service and people access our online Community sessions over Zoom for Community Connection, to Check-In & listen to some heart-warming/motivating joyful commentary/present moment practices that promotes feelings of belonging and wellbeing. You can’t help but feel better, lighter, happier after one of our live sessions. And we’re available morning and evening Mon-Fri. It’s a very human service that turns up daily in people’s lives. You can water a plant once a week and leave it, but humans need more than the odd chat, or outing. Feel good every day. Be seen every day. Be heard every day. Hear others every day and belong every day. Human beings need life, to feel connected every day and be inspired. That is what we do in a virtual, safe space. We know the numbers and we know how caustic loneliness is to the human spirit and health. The NHS and British Red Cross are now Social Prescribing our services.

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