ICO3 launch new E Commerce magazine

E Commerce specialists ICO3 are pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new quarterly magazine - E Communicate.

The new digital publication will showcase the latest partnership news from the E Commerce specialists, as well as information on company developments, technical updates, SEO tips and more.

Visit the ICO3 website to download the new E Commerce magazine: http://ico3.com/press

About ICO3

ICO3 have been established as a Internet Development and Design company since 2000 and in that time we have designed and developed web solutions for small businesses and academic projects. We have three main areas of business: our E Commerce partnerships, our bespoke design and development work and our more traditional hosting and content management services. Most of our customers recognise us from our E Commerce partnership work. As of July 2013 we have more than 40 such partnerships - each of which is designed to create business growth to astonishing levels.