Saving lives from Covid-19 with immediate vitamin D supplements for those testing positive

Leading experts on vitamin D and Covid-19 are asking the health secretary to endorse a pilot study which they say will reduce the need for intensive care treatments and save lives.

Dr David Grimes published a book in June entitled “Vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19: its central role in the world pandemic”. He argues that there has never been any doubt that vitamin D supplements restore vitamin D levels and protect against Covid-19 virus. While he welcomes the Health Minister's recent undertaking to provide vitamin D supplements to Care homes and vulnerable individuals he points out that at current accepted levels of dosage it can take months to restore blood levels of vitamin D to normal values.

Both Dr Grimes and his colleague Geoffrey Galley point out that by far the most vulnerable individuals are those who have actually tested positive for the virus and there is only a short interval between testing positive and being hospitalised for those who go on to suffer severe disease. Thus, they say, providing an immediate higher dosage course to such individuals would gives them a real chance of gaining protection from the virus before the disease becomes overwhelming.

They state that this program can best be carried out within testing sites as they will be able to follow up those patients who are hospitalised and record their outcomes which can be matched against previous outcomes.

They have therefore offered to provide free vitamin D supplements to testing sites to carry out a pilot study in up to 10 sites which would show within three weeks whether this reduced the number of patients requiring critical care as well as the number of deaths. They say studies could start within a week and there is no downside to providing double doses as vitamin D has been restore blood levels of the vitamin in single doses of 300,000 IU which is ten times higher than their proposed course of treatment higher than the proposed course of treatment.

To save time which means saving lives they are asking the Health Secretary to reccomend sites contacted to support this initiative. A single site

running this pilot would begin saving lives.

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