How To Make The Most of Your Tablet - 5 Innovative Tips For Salespeople

To mark Innovation Day (16th February), leading Sales Enablement platform provider iPresent has rounded up five innovative ways salespeople are using tablets to boost customer engagement and drive sales.

Among the main advantages of tablets over laptops are their flexibility and portability, which give salespeople greater freedom to connect with their customers anytime, anywhere, as well as the ‘fun’ factor, which is both enticing to customers and reflects positively on the brand.

iPresent’s list of innovative sales uses for tablets includes:

1. In Kiosk mode at an exhibition

Make your exhibition stand a comfy, relaxing place for your customers to hang out and leave iPads in Kiosk mode so that exhibition attendees can browse your offering without feeling pressured. Alternatively, use the tablet’s many opportunities for fun and set up a game that everyone can get involved in, encouraging people to return to your stand to see how they’re faring on the leader board.

2. Collaborating with customers to define customized offerings

Rather than sitting either side of a desk trying to finalize the details of a sale with a customer, use a tablet and sit side by side to work out the purchase details. This makes it a more collaborative process and continues the easy dialogue you worked hard to establish during your pitch.

3. For the walk and talk

Sometimes your customer only has a few minutes. Sometimes you bump into them unexpectedly and need to make the most of a literal elevator pitch. For either occasion, a laptop just isn’t going to cut it. Aside from the time it takes to fire up a laptop, it’s an awkward thing to use when you’re standing up.

Tablets start up instantly, they are light and ultra portable, they’re easy to pass between you, and to use one-handed. Use a Sales Enablement Platform with an app for your mobile device for easy access to all your sales collateral on your tablet.

4. Video conferencing

Plenty of apps facilitate video conferencing on your tablet. It’s possible to have group chats of 20+ people, and to share your screen for the full experience of a business call on the go. Plus you can take advantage of the flexible nature of a tablet to find the light and look your best! No more Blair Witch Project style up-nostril camera angles.

5. To deliver presentations

There are myriad ways you can use your tablet to give a great presentation. If it’s one-to-one, you get the aforementioned benefit of sitting side by side with your customer. If you are meeting with 2 or more people, you can either give your audience tablets of their own and share your screen, or else connect your tablet with a larger screen and deliver your presentation in the traditional way, but with the advantage of having complete control of your slide deck via your tablet.

‘Tablets are ideal for customer engagement’

“Tablets are ideal for customer engagement,” says Keith Parrish, Executive Chairman of iPresent. “We’re in a new sales age, where customer relationships are more important than ever and understanding how to improve engagement and maintain a good dialogue with a customer is a key element of a salesperson’s job. Tablets are a valuable tool in achieving this goal and are made even more valuable by the great apps available to support and enable salespeople.”

Want to continue the sales innovation celebrations? Join iPresent at the Sales Innovation Expo on 21st and 22nd March at the ExCel in London. They’ll be exhibiting at booth number 1810 and you can bet they’ll be bringing their tablets along!

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