The stress-free guide to your child's first cut

Whether your child was born with a thick head of hair or not, at some point in their first year, they will need a trim. For new parents especially, it can be a landmark moment. You might think it’s easier, quicker and cheaper to do it yourself at home, but there’s many benefits of taking a child to a salon to get their first cut.

It’s important to remember though that going to a salon can bring a whole host of challenges for your child. Not only does it introduce new smells that can overwhelm little noses, the sounds of hairdryers and clippers can be enough to induce some anxiety. They’re common noises to us, but for your child in a new environment and paired with the natural energy of most little ones, it’s no wonder their first salon visit can be a tricky one.

David Mathie, UK General Manager of Just Cuts, says: “Preparation is key. Whilst we, as adults, might enjoy going to the salon, your little one won’t see it as quite the same experience. There are many ways in which you can prepare your child for that first visit to ensure it doesn’t cause any unnecessary upset or tantrums. There’s no set formula of approaching the situation, every child is different and will react differently, but it’s best to assess beforehand to make sure it’s as stress-free as possible.”

Here are David’s top tips for parents to ensure they have an easy visit to the salon:

1. Preparation. This is crucial. It’s a great idea to introduce the concept of hairdressing in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you can play hairdressers, minus the scissors of course, as this will make the experience less daunting when it does finally happen. Not only will children feel more at ease in the chair, but it can help put your mind at ease too.

2. Do your research. It’s beneficial to find a salon/hairdresser that has experience in children’s haircuts. It will mean the environment is child-friendly too, adding to the feeling of being comfortable in their surroundings. All Stylists at Just Cuts are trained in doing haircuts for little ones and have all the right tools on hand to deliver a WOW service every single time.

3. Get the timing right. Quite often, we find the best time of day for a child’s haircut is around 10am. This tends to be a time when children aren’t feeling particularly hungry or tired and, so, this can reduce feelings of stress. But you’ll know your child’s routine and can make a call on their best times of day.

4. Make it a positive experience. It’s important your little one will want to return for a haircut, so it has to be a fun experience for them. You might want to bring their favourite toy, story book or comforter. The first visit is all about getting your child used to the salon environment. At Just Cuts, we set up a portable DVD player for children to watch whilst they get their haircut, plus they get a balloon or lollipop afterwards.

5. Think about the products you can use. Products are crucially as important for children as adults, not just in the salon but at home too. By doing your research, you can find out the best products for your child’s hair. You can even ask the hairdresser which ones they recommend. The Detangling Spray from JUSTICE Professional, Just Cuts’ product range, delivers proteins to the hair to improve texture and gets rid of any pesky knots. It’s the perfect product when partnered with the Detangling Brush.

David adds: “Whether you’re a first-time parent or not, going to the salon can be a different experience every time with your child. A haircut is a necessity and, although there might be a few wriggles in the chair to begin with, following these tips will make the experience as fun as possible.”

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