Mentoring can be life changing for vulnerable, young people says Diana Award trustee and ambassador, Kate Hardcastle

Diana Award ambassador and founder of award-winning business, Insight with Passion, Kate Hardcastle MBE is urging businesses to take action and make a pledge to support mentoring in a bid to break down barriers of social mobility in the lives of vulnerable young people.

Kate, along with HRH Prince Harry, attended the National Youth Mentoring Summit hosted by The Diana Awards recently – the first time a summit for youth mentoring has been held in the UK. As a mentor for the charity, and a voluntary supporter to over 1,000 start-ups, Kate understands the opportunity commercially. She comments; “After years of physical and emotional abuse at school, my self-esteem couldn’t have been lower. When I think back to those days, I never would have thought I could have achieved the business success I have today. Working with my own mentors helped me to gain confidence in my abilities and achieve career success. I really do understand how crucial and life changing mentoring can be.”

As a supporter of the Diana Awards’ aim to encourage mentoring in the UK, Kate believes that being a leader in business, or an organisation, means you can offer so much to those who are struggling to find their own path in life. Kate is also the founder of the Positive Image campaign, which aims to inspire confidence in young people and continues; “ Today’s youth are suffering with low self-esteem and confidence in the UK, which in turn is leading to them not believing they can start their own businesses, let alone climb the career ladder. Whether it’s lack of support at home, bullying or body image issues, our younger generation is struggling to find their way in life and it’s important that my peers step up and help to mentor those in need.” HRH, Prince Harry who spoke at the recent National Youth Mentoring Summit also believes in the importance of mentoring and during his speech said; “I’m struck by the power of the invisible role model. Every move we make matters, even when no one is watching. Britain needs relatable mentors to step up to the task and help someone to shine their light even brighter.”

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Kate Hardcastle is trustee and ambassador for the Diana Awards and founder of Positive Image, a campaign to inspire confidence in young people. Kate is also the founder of business transformation agency, Insight with Passion and is a retail and commercial expert respected nationally and internationally. She is a regular contributor to Sky News, BBC News, ITV, Channel 4 and media across the globe.

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• Kate Hardcastle MBE is The Customer Whisperer - a leading consumer expert in the UK and from ITV’s Eat, Shop, Save • Kate is an award-winning businesswoman – founder of business transformation agency, Insight With Passion • Kate is a TV business expert featured daily across national and international media, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky • Kate was awarded MBE for her Services to Business in 2018 • Kate is a trustee and ambassador of The Diana Award

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