Laundry Cleaning Assistance For Our Selfless NHS Staff

Our country is in crisis. Many people don't really consider the ramification of this Epidemic called Coronavirus. Everyday people will be dead in hundreds if not thousands. Something drastic has to be done.

Apart from the UK Economy which has plunged to the ground where millions of businesses are not able to function, Our healthcare system is stressed to the limit. Those that suffer most in trying to keep us alive are the numerous NHS workers who work tirelessly to ensure our survival. They also have to survive.

They cannot survive if we overexpose them to this epidemic.  We all have to come together to fight against the Corona Virus and for the survival of our NHS workers. They need our support. Why?

They work for hours and at the hospital to keep our families or relatives alive at the hospital. The least we can do is help them to clean and treat their work garment without exposing them and their family to the risk of the infection. 

K.S.M Dry Cleaners will be opening their company to all NHS Staff in the area to drop their garment for cleaning in a sealed bag after work. We will be working tirelessly to support them and NHS to fight against this pandemic.  These funds will, therefore, be used to keep our operation running to service the cleaning of these NHS Staff work garments. Funds are needed asap so that we can set up the service ready to start on the 30th of March, 2020.

My name is Asuquo. I am the Managing Director of K.S.M Dry Cleaners Ltd. These funds will be used strictly for maintaining the service for this purpose. We are not opening at the moment for any commercial work as the factory was closed since Monday 23rd.

The way everyone can support our hardworking NHS staff, NHS healthcare is to DONATE toward this course taken by K.S.M dry cleaners in supporting our NHS. We call on everyone to donate toward this course. This is a donation toward the survival of humanity. We can all contribute in different little ways. 

Others can support by volunteering to pick up and deliver to these ones who work tirelessly to help us stay alive.

Thank you for all your support. To support click here:

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