Most customisable DIY lash extensions launched in the UK

The ultimate & cheapest DIY lash extension system was recently launched by UK based company, Lash Ribbons.

Lash Ribbons has created and released a product of the same name that allows users to achieve voluminous, lengthened and natural-looking eyelashes that last longer and look more natural than strip lashes. This product is a UK-first and allows users to create salon quality lash extensions in the comfort of their own home.

Each ribbon is created from joined-up lash segments and is approximately 15-16cm in length. To ensure a natural look, the band is ultra-fine and features feather-light lashes. The lashes are applied underneath the lash line to create the appearance of extensions and can last between 10-14 days and typically take around 10 minutes to apply.

To apply, a user must simply cut off a segment and apply it to their own lashes using a lash bonding glue and clamp them at the base for a few moments to secure the bond. Users can choose either to wear a single layer for a subtle look or stack them together to build volume. To build high volume lashes, simply repeat the process until the desired effect is achieved. For example, a user can choose to double or triple stack the ribbons to create a Russian Hybrid or Russian Volume look which would typically cost between £60-£100 in a salon. The Lash Ribbon equivalent would cost approx £3.50 and the segments are also reuseable.

Rachael Hanley, MD said: "I am so excited about this new product, it truly is a game-changer within the lash extension industry. Lash Ribbons are the most customisable DIY lashes available. Within 10 minutes, you can be wearing salon quality lashes lasting up to 10 days for a fraction of the price. Since launch our ribbons have been shipped to all corners of the globe with our customers becoming "obsessed" with the ribbons. Lash Ribbons are an affordable luxury, readily accessible to all"

After launching last month, Lash Ribbons currently has over 9 different lash styles and 5 different lash lengths (45 unique ribbons in total and limitless lash combinations available), giving the customer complete control over their appearance.

Is the need to endure a 2 hour lash application whilst being exposed to eye watering chemicals a thing of the past?

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Rachael Hanley

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About Lash Ribbons

Cherlaan Ltd started trading 12 years ago as a wedding accessory business. During lockdown the business suffered severely and I, Rachael Hanley, applied for a Bounce Back Loan in 2021 and eventually launched a new lash brand in Febuary of this year, Lashes Out, shortly followed by Lash Ribbons in June. Lash Ribbons has revolutionised the lash industry by offering customers an extremely cheap alternative to professionally applied lashes. For a tenth of the price the customer can create their own set of salon quality lashes, in 10 minutes, in the comfort of their own home, to wear continuously for 10-14 days with no damage to their own eyelashes.

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