London blogger looks to shake up the UK literary scene through women’s empowerment

Latoya Lovell knows very well what it means to be busy. The freelance writer from Southeast London has been published in music, fashion, and literary journals throughout the UK, and has interviewed such celebrities as RnB artist Jordan King and international model Don Benjamin.

However, her main passion lies in her poetry, which she published on her blog page. Lovell, a former music producer, explained that her writing was a means of release after going through a bout with depression.

“As a cathartic process, I started to write, and I came up with visual ideas that went along with my blog posts,” she said. “People started commenting and I realized I was finally capturing people’s attention. Some women reached out and said thank you for my honesty on issues they experienced as well. As someone who has episodes of depression, I wanted to be able to pass a message across to other women that they are not alone and that there is also a light at the end of the tunnel.

Since launching her blog, Lovell has used it as a launching pad to help uplift Black women living in the UK. With the social and popular media presenting images seen by many women as unattainable, the single mother sought to counteract the feelings of low self-esteem poor body image.

“Social Media forces beautiful women who look like they have perfect bodies and lives in front of us every day and it creates unnecessary pressure,” Lovell said. “I like to think that the women who follow me are on their journey to realizing that there is no one more important than self and the only opinion that should matter is your own.”

Lovell plans to expand her platform in 2018 to impact even more women, not just in the UK, but internationally. Besides exploring more hair visuals in the beauty industry, she also plans to launch a Break-Up Boot Camp for young women dealing with the end of their relationships.

More information on Latoya Lovell and her work can be found on her website.

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About Latoya Lovell

Latoya Lovell is a freelance writer from South East London and mother to model/actor Antoine Hoyte-Lovell. She has had articles published online and in print for We Are Collision a London Fashion Lifestyle Magazine. Latoya is interested in Music (she has a grade five in Piano) Hair and Beauty and so she either interviews people from these areas or attends events dedicated to them. Whilst working as a freelance writer Latoya has managed to interview people ranging from Ghetts to Melissa Steele and has more recently met the Editor in Chief of Vogue UK, Alexandra Shulman,at the Vogue Festival 2015.

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