Leap into HR Consulting Author celebrating one year anniversary: Number One selling self-published business book on Amazon goes from strength to strength

Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD decided to self-publish her book ‘Leap into HR Consulting: How to Move Successfully from Corporate to Consulting’ just a year ago on 5th November 2020. She hoped it would be favourably received, as it truly came from the heart, but it soon went to Number 1 on the Amazon Business Consulting Book List, where it continues even a year later to dip in and out of the hot seat and was a finalist for the Most Inspirational HR Business Book in the Book Awards 2021.

Sarah recalls “I took the leap from working in the corporate field to set up my own HR consulting business when I decided I wanted to start a family. However, I found myself as a single mum of two small boys two years later. Juggling being a mum to them, whilst coping with school commitments such as school plays, or sports days, whilst working in corporate HR, just didn’t work for us as a family. I needed more flexibility and working for myself, albeit daunting, with no guaranteed income, made perfect sense. My boys are now both grown up, but I would like to think that the commitment I made to them early on has made them the amazing men they are today.

“I still remember the reaction from my parents when I told them I was going to give up my guaranteed income job, to enter the world of being self-employed, but I still believe it was the best decision I have ever taken. I wanted to write the book to encourage and inspire others to do the same and that it was possible. In the book, I share tips and tricks and talk about what I like to call my ‘golden nuggets’.

“Of course, there is a brutal reality as well and it’s not always plain sailing. I’m not afraid to talk about the lows as well as the highs, because that’s what makes us stronger, and gives us the determination to pick ourselves up and more determined to succeed.

“To date over 600 people have read my book. The reviews and comments I receive are always heartening and to hear that I have inspired others, given useful tips and tricks, and encouraged others to take the leap into having their own successful HR consulting business is priceless. There really is no feeling like it.”

As an anniversary special, Sarah’s book is available on Kindle Unlimited and free to download for all Kindle Unlimited members, a saving of £7.99. Amazon Prime members can also download it free of charge during a 2 month’s free membership special offer.

The book is aimed at HR consultants. But we know from talking to others who have read the book based in other fields that they have Sarah’s advice, wisdom, and experience invaluable too.

You will soon be able to listen to the book, narrated by Sarah, on Audible. A follow-up second book will be released in late 2022.

Notes to Editors

About Sarah Hamilton-Gill:

Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD, is:

• an award-winning entrepreneur, executive coach, public speaker, trainer and HR consultant
• and author of Leap into HR, which has topped the Amazon HR and Business Consulting books Number One spot.

• has over 28 years experience in Human Resources Consultancy

• Nominated for NAT West inspirational female-run business 2021

• Won HR Consultancy of the Year 2020 (Business and Industry Today)

• Was a Finalist for the Reinvention Award 2020, based on successfully pivoting her business twice in the last 18 months. One to create a business that can be run from any location in the world and then to take her residential Bootcamps online

• In 2020, despite the pandemic, Sarah supported the startup of more than 60 small businesses, with her skills she has helped them to set up through her training programme, and by running her virtual Bootcamps and 1-2-1 sessions.

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Photo: Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD

Sarah is happy to give interviews either by zoom or phone.
Please contact Sarah Burden at sarahb@leapintoconsulting.com or ring 07999948386 to arrange.

Useful links:
More about Sarah: https://bit.ly/AboutSarahHG
Sarah on LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/SHGLinkedIn
Buy the book or Kindle on Amazon: https://bit.ly/LeapBuyBook

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