Are games and play really the best way for children to learn a new language? Hear from the children’s education franchise Lingotot.

Learning a second language while young has so many benefits. Children possess an innate ability to pick up another language whilst in the process of understanding the stimulus from the world around them. Studies have shown that this natural ability is lost the closer they get to adulthood, so starting as young as possible gives them the greatest chance of bilingual understanding.

The cultural significance of speaking another language is also a huge advantage and an invaluable gift to pass onto the next generation. However the question is, what is the best way for children to learn?

The children’s education franchise Lingotot was established in 2010 by Angela Sterling. Angela taught as head of languages before founding Lingotot, and has worked with Newcastle and Southampton universities researching language acquisition at different ages in children. With this experience, Angela formulated the Lingotot method of teaching which incorporates games, stories, play and drama.

Angela says, ‘through my years of experience I have learnt that lessons need to be child-centered in order to keep them engaged and focused, and to instigate a lifelong love of languages. Learning through play means the children don’t even realise they are learning. Our tried and tested method of teaching has meant that children across the UK and Ireland have been introduced to a second language in a way that suits them.’

As reported recently in The Guardian, experts have been exploring the impact of the “scholarisation of childhood” and the increasing absence of play at school. The pandemic has also resulted in the erosion of normality for children who found themselves unable to play outside and see friends and family.

Lingotot have been tackling this issue, not only through their fun classes in schools and nurseries, but by introducing activity packed, outdoor learning programmes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Lingotot businesses across the UK and Ireland have been running Forest Schools, Holiday Camps and Summer Schools in order to encourage outdoor play, while learning a language, and return a sense of normality for the kids attending.

The popularity of Lingotot classes across the UK and Ireland, indoors and outdoors, demonstrates the effectiveness of learning through play. One parent Haley, who’s daughter Abby (4) attended a Holiday camp with Lingotot Maidenhead, says, ‘My daughter attended the Easter Holiday camp with Claire and absolutely loved it. It was a 3 day camp and every day was structured with different engaging activities every hour throughout the day from baking, singing to exploring for bugs and insects in the garden. She didn't know any Spanish before she went and now loves showing off her new skills. The communication leading up to the camp and afterwards was excellent, as parents we particularly enjoyed the video showing highlights and gave a great insight to their time at Lingotot. She can't wait to go again in the summer.’

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Lingotot teaches foreign languages to children aged 0-12 across the UK and internationally via a network of over 130 fully qualified franchisees and teachers. The Lingotot Method was designed by fully qualified languages teacher & Lingotot founder, Angela Sterling. The Lingotot Method makes use of active, communicative and interactive teaching methods which come naturally to young learners. Learning is through songs, stories, games, drama and play in French, Spanish, German, ESL, Italian, Arabic, Welsh and Mandarin.

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