Lingotot Businesses Across the UK and Ireland Run Successful Easter Holiday Language Camps

Lingotot businesses across the UK and Ireland have been busy these past few weeks with their adventure-packed Easter Holiday Camps. Children attending are immersed in the chosen second language and learn through games, songs, stories, drama and play. Not only is it a fun-filled week, but language learning is at the heart of the experience.

The Easter Holiday Camps revolve around outdoor activities, so children not only work on learning a second language, but also spend plenty of time outdoors whilst making new friends (and parents get a little break themselves!).

One parent, whose daughter Ella attended Catherine Garrett’s camp (the founder of Lingotot West Oxford), describes ‘when we walked through the gates for the first time on a snowy Monday morning, Ella was made welcome and at ease, she came home later that day with a massive smile on her face and very enthusiastic about returning the following day.

The classes were interactive and fun, the children danced, sung, played, crafted, explored in the nearby woods, participated in team challenges and learnt Italian along the way. Each evening Catherine provided daily updates and videos/photos, the happiness on the children’s faces was priceless, they were relaxed, smiling, laughing and enjoying each others company, long overdue after being in lockdown during a pandemic.’

Angela Sterling, founder and CEO of Lingotot, first established their ‘Forest School programme’ last summer as a means to continue lessons safely in line with government COVID-19 restrictions. These Forest Schools proved to be a huge success, and many different Lingotot outdoor learning camps ensued. The Easter Holiday Camps are the most recent addition to Lingotot’s innovative and accomplished learning measures.

Daniella Nikova, founder of Lingotot Oxford, who held her Spanish Easter Camp recently says, ‘It was incredible to see the kids able to play with new friends outside once again. They were unstoppable, tired by the end of each day but eager for more on the next morning. We did lots of activities - in the pictures you can see attached to this article - BFG made of sticks, Dirt cakes made by the kids, Harry Potter glasses and wands and crafts.’

Similarly, Karen Garcia Llamas, founder of Lingotot Crouch End, says the children’s favourite activities from her camp were ‘the witches potion making session, bear hunt in the forest and parachute games.’

If you want to find out more about Lingotot’s Holiday Camps, get in touch with them at or phone 0845 680 8148.

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Lingotot teaches foreign languages to children aged 0-12 across the UK and internationally via a network of over 130 fully qualified franchisees and teachers. The Lingotot Method was designed by fully qualified languages teacher & Lingotot founder, Angela Sterling. The Lingotot Method makes use of active, communicative and interactive teaching methods which come naturally to young learners. Learning is through songs, stories, games, drama and play in French, Spanish, German, ESL, Italian, Arabic, Welsh and Mandarin.

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