Kuwaiti tourism is set to receive a boost thanks to the release of British historical spy thriller

Kuwait is the new Morocco, according to travel reviewers, following the release of Our Man in Kuwait by a UK crime writer who was born and brought up in the country.


Described as a "gentle thriller", the book by Louise Burfitt-Dons has been praised for its Casablanca-esque romantic appeal and its ability to transport readers back in time. Westminster-based media commentator Adel Darwish said that Our Man In Kuwait reminded him of his days as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East, adding that it is "all there: romance, thrill, the spy who came from the heat, James Bond of Arabia."

Our Man in Kuwait is set during the time when the country was threatened by invasion by Iraq, and includes the visit of Ian Fleming, who befriended the author's family during his time in the country at the end of 1960..

According to Burfitt-Dons, it was a time when "the sun was setting on the colonial era in the Middle East and people still wore black tie for dinner parties.'

Today Kuwait is a very different place to the one of the sixties.. A bustling metropolis full of high-rise buildings and luxury hotels, the country is dry and alcohol is mostly prohibited. However, 'Wealthy, safe and just about crime-free, it is a great entry point to the Muslim world of souks, mosques and that all-important warm Arabian hospitality,' reports the Kuwait Tourist Office.

Our Man in Kuwait, published by New Century and available in bookstores and as an ebook, is already being hailed as a nostalgic timepiece that does for Kuwait what Casablanca did for Morocco.

Get your copy today and discover the romantic appeal of Kuwait for yourself. ISBN 9781916449190. #OurManInKuwait

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