Middle Eastern Spy Thriller launch coincides with the World Cup in Qatar

Colonial era thriller Our Man In Kuwait has ties with the history of football in the Arabian Peninsula—for all the wrong reasons


London, United Kingdom, 22 November 2022—When the whistle blew announcing the opening of the World Cup in Qatar it also signalled the launch of a Middle Eastern spy mystery based on true events.

‘The British and the French introduced football to the Arabs in the late 40s. The colonials believed it was good for bonding and discipline. But when the sport took off, it became a symbol of their struggle against them,' says the author Louise Burfitt-Dons who was born and brought up in the oil rich Protectorate just five hundred miles to the south. 'In fact, the Qataris founded their Football Association in 1960, which is the year in which I set Our Man In Kuwait,’

Themes in her book include the Cold War conflict of the early sixties, which led to military Operation Vantage, Ian Fleming’s connection with Middle Eastern spies like double agent Kim Philby and how life was, as the British Empire era drew to an end.

Publishers New Century describes the new release as 'a colonial-era thriller written against the background of big power conflict.. Our Man In Kuwait is the ultimate timepiece tinderbox of sun, sex and spies. World chemical weapons expert Hamish de Bretton-Gordon says the book is ‘a brilliant marriage of fact and fiction.’

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