How to impress your new clients

The real estate market is booming from the standpoint of sellers, with robust demand and tight inventory driving home prices to new highs. This seller's market continue to be strong, posing a challenge to realtors and brokers who must find ways to differentiate themselves from the competitors.

Real estate is a relationship business, and brokers understand that earning a client's respect and trust can take time.

It's critical for a realtor to leave a great impression on each new customer in order to develop and grow relationships with them. This goal can be achieved with the perfect closing present after sealing a deal, but selecting the right gifts can be difficult.

Love Surprises removes the stress of finding the ideal gifts for clients. We make gifts that are both memorable and personal, by sourcing for the finest products and curating them in the most lovely boxes with the option of sleek, high-end branded packaging.

People notice and appreciate the personal touch when they get a gift. In our mass-marketed consumer world, knowing that so much thought is put into getting a gift is special to the gift.

Love Surprises UK captures the attention of the client with a lovely gift while also presenting realtors with an excellent branding opportunity.

Most Realtors, have just begun gifting their clients lovely packages made by Love Surprises UK.

The fantastic thing about our gifts is that they give customers a memorable experience with the brand too.

Are you ready to impress your new clients with amazing gifts!?

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About Love Surprises UK

Love Surprises UK is an online ONE STOP gift shop which is focused on creating an easy gifting solution for any REASON or SEASON. My name is Toyin & I created Love Surprises in June 2020 during lockdown while still working for the NHS & also being mum of 2 girls. My company was born through my passion for bespoke gifts and also the difficulty in finding all the gifts/brands I wanted on a single website. I shop mostly online and incurring delivery charges for different items on each website was a big turn off for me. I love the idea of having known brands & personalised items in just one luxurious gift-box and the wow effect it brings the recipient, hence why I created the company. We are all about giving with a mission to make the act of GIFTING extra special.