Maiden Voyage celebrates International Women’s Day with free online training courses

- Company offers 100 free e-learning places during the week of IWD 2021

- Choice of topic includes Hotel Safety, Intercultural Awareness, Pre-planning and Packing, Safe Ground Transportation, Safe Meetings and Leisure

LEEDS, UK -- 8 March 2021 – Maiden Voyage (, the world’s leading specialist network for female business travellers, today announced an offer to provide free online business travel safety courses from today - International Women’s Day – until Saturday 13th March. The offer comes as many businesses begin to plan for the safe and supported re-activation of corporate travel.

Whilst COVID-19 has temporarily taken the freedom and liberation of travel away from most of us, research suggests that video-call fatigue has led many teams to become keener than ever to re-establish face to face meetings and pitches.

A recent survey by Globetrender shows that 76% of frequent flyers now believe that being face-to-face with clients is more effective than video conferencing – lending weight to the theory that human interaction is a key element to partnerships and success. Indeed, extensive research from University of Illinois at Chicago suggests that virtual teams do not perform as well as face-to-face teams in solving problems. Many executive teams are starting to plan for when and how employees can travel and preparing enhanced safety measures to protect their business travellers.

During the week of IWD 2021, the first 100 visitors that sign up the Maiden Voyage newsletter (at will be provided with a coupon code valued at £19.99 that enables access to one free travel safety e-learning course from Maiden Voyage’s portfolio of Female Traveller Safety eLearning modules. Topics available include Hotel Safety, Intercultural Awareness, Pre-planning and Packing, Safe Ground Transportation, Safe Meetings and Leisure.

Carolyn Pearson, Founder & CEO of Maiden Voyage, said, “International Women’s Day is a fitting reminder that it was the determination of women that first inspired me to launch Maiden Voyage, and help women to mobilize and explore our beautiful planet – safely. Our free course offer is perhaps ideal in enabling travellers to use their time now to prepare for their upcoming journeys”.

Health and safety priority-one for business travel

As business travel gradually resumes, employers will have a renewed focus on health and safety and minimising risk through duty of care. Companies have both a legal and moral obligation to ensure their employees stay safe while working. HR and risk professionals will play an increasingly vital role in ensuring the right plans are in place.

Maiden Voyage believes that as we learn to travel with COVID-19, even the most savvy and accomplished business travelers will need to take new steps and implement new learnings to ensure optimal safety and well-being on the move. New challenges or increased instances for HR teams to support are likely to include separation-anxiety, agoraphobia, health anxieties, OCD or germaphobia.

Pearson adds, In the coming months, businesses will once again become more mobile and face a raft of significant and important challenges around duty of care and staff well-being. It is more vital than ever that every organization has the right processes and materials in place to educate, support, safeguard and motivate teams to travel with absolute peace of mind”.

Offer Terms & Conditions

1. One course per person

2. Course to be taken once per user between 8th and 13th March 2021

3. Offer includes any of the following modules: Hotel Safety, Intercultural Awareness, Pre-planning and Packing, Safe Ground Transportation, Safe Meetings and Leisure.

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About Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage is the world’s leading specialist provider of inclusive business travel safety education for diverse and minority groups as well as a social community for female business travellers. Maiden Voyage provides traveller safety training, workshops and eLearning solutions for corporate and individual business travellers and works alongside travel industry providers to drive best practice in duty-of-care. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maiden Voyage released it’s COVID-19 Traveller Safety eLearning toolset to enable employers to prepare their business travellers for travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has been widely featured in the press including CNN, NYT, Mintel, Forbes, BBC and the Economist and the leadership team are regular contributors to major business travel industry and security panels and events.

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