Maiden Voyage Takes Female Travel Safety to the Masses

The world’s leading authority and provider of travel safety solutions for women, Maiden Voyage, has launched its Female Travel Safety Training in eLearning format for the first time.

The comprehensive series, which consists of five modules, identifies key safety risks and offers practical advice for every step of a business trip.

All five modules have been written by women and industry experts, and tested thoroughly on carefully selected focus groups. The topics covered are: Pre-Planning & Packing, Safe Ground Transportation, Hotel Safety, Intercultural Awareness, and Safe Meetings & Leisure Time. Aimed at an international audience, the training is suitable for both the inexperienced or first-time traveller, and those who travel regularly on business.

Each module is an easily digestible 20 minutes, and can be taken on any device, anywhere in the world – provided, of course, that there is an internet connection.

Every module is highly interactive, pushing the boundaries by featuring real-life case studies and offering participants an extensive resources section to further support them on their travels.

“Our eLearning has been two years in the making as we researched and curated the most relevant and latest information to make the material as comprehensive as possible,’ said Maiden Voyage’s CEO and Founder, Carolyn Pearson. “I’m really proud of the product we have built and feel confident women from all walks of life will be well equipped to travel as safely as possible, as we have tested the courses extensively with an esteemed group of industry professionals.

“We have successfully delivered class-room style training for a number of years. However, the launch of our eLearning marks a new chapter in the evolution of Maiden Voyage.”

Feedback from the focus groups has already been overwhelmingly positive in support of the eLearning:

“A great reminder of the things travellers should be doing, but often neglect in practice. I'm an experienced traveller but I still learnt some new things”; “Packed with lots of tips and information […] Even as a seasoned traveller, I learned a thing or two! I would recommend it to any female traveller and the knowledge gained can be put into practice straight away on your next trip.”

The Female Travel Safety eLearning series is a product of many years hard work and exposure to the issues female travellers face. In an age where travel safety is high on everyone’s agenda, organisations and individual travellers can all benefit from taking extra safety precautions when they venture overseas. The Women in Business Travel Report, research commissioned by Maiden Voyage, found that 1 in 4 women have suffered a negative incident. 64% of female business travellers say they would not travel to certain destinations which they would probably travel to as a man; while 79% of female business travellers claim they are under-prepared to deal with the incidents they encounter. When an incident occurs in an unfamiliar country, culture or language, the impact is exacerbated.

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About Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage, the world’s only specialist network for female business travellers. Launched in 2008 to connect female business travellers, Maiden Voyage has set the global standard for ‘Female Friendly Hotels’ and has become the go-to resource for all things female business traveller related. Maiden Voyage has both individual and corporate members in over 80 countries and a team of global ambassadors to support inbound female business travellers by providing female specific travel safety advice and female business traveller safety training. Having won numerous awards, Maiden Voyage has been widely featured in the international press including the Economist, the Mintel Report, the New York Times, CNN, BBC and the Guardian.

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