Perfect Family Picnic, Great for Wimbledon and Gift Ideas

This fabulous British Summer is perfect excuse to bring the family together. Let’s say you wanted to surprise your family, friends, partner or neighbour with some wonderful baked goods and exclusive desserts. Perhaps you were looking to organise a picnic on the park or your garden and wanted to surprise them with delicately smooth pates, mousses and fresh bread, all you would have to do is place your order with Maison d’Entremets and voila!

With an exclusive delivery on Saturday Morning, you will receive your beautifully presented hamper, prepared by hand from the freshest local ingredients and delivered to you in elegant and eco-friendly packaging.

Founder, Sergei Zhogota explains perfectly the mission of Maison d’Entremets.

“Maison d’Entremets is a virtual gastronomic restaurant. The only difference is that the dishes are presented in a glass container and that they may be eaten wherever is most convenient for you: at home, during a picnic, for breakfast, lunch or with a glass of wine for dinner. The only thing that is left for you to do is to place the order."

The basis Maison d’Entremets of lies in simplicity and using only the highest quality products. Modern cuisine develops owing to the constant experiments with products, preparation technologies, and above all, the combination of culinary traditions of different countries.

Maison d’Entremets is not trying to simplify food – we look for opportunities to make it more unique. Everything is crafted from scratch, starting with labour-intensive bread and finishing with desserts. It is important to create new tastes so new menu is presented every week in our online menu.

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About Maison d'Entremets

Maison d'Entremets is dedicated to handmade luxury hampers created and made in the for London Exclusively. Our goal is to provide quality food made without preservatives that offers a unique restaurant-quality experience to your meals from the convenience of your fridge. We have an intense passion for creating one-of-a-kind culinary experiences that will leave you wanting to explore more. We are constantly searching for superior ingredients, from the lime groves of Brazil to the cheese creameries of Denmark. We believe that utilizing quality ingredients creates superior foods. All of our food is unmistakably fresh. From our handcrafted spreads to freshly baked bread, every product you order will tantalise your tastebuds and bring joy to the whole family.