Olive Creates a Buzz with her Five Books

There's little doubt that people can get stuck in patterns, no matter their age, that work against them that slows down or prevents them achieving the goals they'd like to achieve or living the life they would ideally live. Experts agree an outside voice is often needed to shake a person out of this kind of slumber and help guide them in a positive direction. Birmingham, U.K.'s Olive Pellington is a Success Coach and author is making great strive in this area. In exciting news, her recently released series of books “The Path To...” are winning rave reviews from readers who are seeing their lives change for the better hearing Olive's inspirational wisdom and following her practical strategies.

“The inspiration for these books comes from my personal learning journey with students I have had the privilege of working with,” commented Olive clearly filled with passion for her work. “Understanding their needs, aspirations and helping them remove their roadblocks encouraged me to help even more students of all ages. Today I am delighted to say and say with gratitude that through OVP Coaching and partners, I am able to reach out many more students through writing, speaking, coaching and mentoring.”

The five books series, aimed primarily at teens and their parents, consists of “The Path to Success”, “The Path to Learning”, “The Path to Energy”, “The Path to Enthusiasm”, and “The Path to Purpose, Passion and Perseverance”. They were launched at a special event at Birmingham City Centre for educators, business people, and influencers, which was then followed by Olive appearing at a variety of different places to meet a wide range of people to discuss the series and her work. Some highlights include her going to Birmingham Children's Hospital, and James Brindley Special school doing a “love away” of the text and workbooks to teens suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses, as well as present to a group of women at the Books and Banter Network for International Women's Day, where she was a powerful, inspirational force for the women present covering the topic of success.

In addition to her books, Olive offers Personal Coaching for adults, teens, people seeking to improve their leadership skills, and highly praised health and nutrition training. She also offers CDs and other resources at her online store, as well as an active blog.

The early reviews of “The Path To...” series has been extremely positive across the board.

Michelle S., from London, said in a five-star review, “'The Path to Success' is something my teenage son and I have really bonded around. An amazing book and I just ordered the next two in the series so we can continue growing in the right direction together. Fully recommended.”

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