Food retailer, Arapina renews their contract with PR Agency FP Comms.

Nicola Millington, the founder of FP Comms, has been working personally on the account for the past 3 years. The renewal of the contract is a testament to the successful relationship the two companies have built over the years.

Founder of Arapina stated:

"Marketing and PR does not always work in the way you want and need it to happen. However, I have come to realise that the most important thing about all of the relationships you build around your business is about having people around you that support and most importantly understand your vision."

Pontiki continues:

"Working with any supplier is never a straight road, but what I get from Nicola and FP Comms is expertise, knowledge, combines with deep values and ethics."

Arapina's focus is to stand out from the competition or more importantly, to stand out from the noise of the vegan and wellbeing world.

Arapina, based at 8 Little Thames Walk, is a hidden-away oasis from the main road of Greenwich High Street. Yet, its seclusion and off the beaten path location lends itself to the total power of serenity and peace a Healthy Lifestyle Bakery should encapsulate.

Arapina is the antidote to the mainstream, instead of getting louder, Arapina, becomes quieter, and focuses on helping their clients get to the core of why they adopt a healthy eating lifestyle.

Nicola stated;

"I created my company to build and support ethical brands. The entrepreneur's journey is not an easy one, but I do know that building a successful business takes a village. Michaela is an ideal client; determined, focused, disciplined and most importantly, passionate."

If you visit Arapina Bakery, they will be provided with more than just fantastic food. You will have access to a wide range of holistic and conscious driven offerings for their clientele.

To visit Arapina go to 8 Little Thames Walk, SE8 3FB or log on to

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