Mark Stephen Pooler Rewrites his Personal Story and Scores a #1 Best Seller

By the time Mark Stephen Pooler was in his early 20s, most around him had already written him off. He was a crack cocaine and heroin addict who had been beaten down by years of bullying. Yet, his next chapter is proving to be one to be one for the books. In fact, he has recently released his new book, Step Into Your Brilliance, which is already a bestseller.

The book is a guide to entrepreneurship and advocates using positive storytelling and social media to establish oneself as a thought leader and subject matter expert. It was released May 28 and is available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle and also on Audible.

Pooler says that the day he died is the day his life began again. Drug abuse quite literally led to his clinical death, yet when he was revived, he not only refused to be a victim again but embraced who he was and made supporting others central to his story.

Today, Pooler is a successful business coach and entrepreneur whose client list includes celebrities and business influencers. He hosts popular radio programs that showcase business trendsetters on Business Innovators Radio Network and the UI Media Network, He is a motivational speaker, and can now add internationally acclaimed author to his credentials. Pooler was also recently the cover feature in Global Man magazine and is a regular contributor to various major entrepreneurial publications.

“I believe it is my calling to support and empower entrepreneurs to find their courage and redirect their inner strength so they can reach their potential - personally and professionally – and, in turn, share their unique talents to inspire others. The ripple effect that is possible through the power of storytelling is immeasurable,” Pooler said. “My own journey of resilience in the face of trauma has proven inspirational to my hundreds of clients, radio show and social media followers, and the audiences I present to around the globe. Seeing them establish their authority in their area of expertise never ceases to excite me."

Safaraz Ali, founder of Pathway2Grow, says: “Mark is an incredible speaker that speaks with honesty from the heart. His tips and strategies for leadership and transformation will help people in business to collaborate together and find strength and inner power to achieve more.”

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