New podcast tells stories of frontline NHS staff

London, UK, Jan. 19, 2020 - A new podcast series airs today revealing the untold stories of NHS nurses and doctors up and down the country. The show is hosted and by Alex Melia, who has worked on solving the NHS’ staffing crisis for the last 5 years, assisting nurses and doctors from overseas to train for work in the UK and now furthering his mission through audio stories:

“As the NHS carry us through this third wave of the pandemic, love for our healthcare system is high, but we still rarely get to hear the individual stories of NHS staff as they happen. This series provides us a glimpse look into the worlds of these brave individuals.”

One such story features Joan Pons Laplana, once the UK’s ‘nurse of the year’. The episode recounts how he nursed a patient back to health following a motorbike accident, transforming Laplana’s career and refocusing him on patient centred care: “Human connection is more powerful than any drug, any machine” he tells us, “there’s nothing more powerful that you can do in life, than making a difference to somebody else.”

The series was created in collaboration with production company Fascinate Productions, and features original music from Nicolas Alexander, known for his work on The Guardian’s news podcast Today in Focus.

Our Voices in the NHS will launch January the 19th 2021 and will be available on Apple, Spotify and all major podcast platforms.

Alex is available for interviews, please contact

Notes to Editors

About Alex Melia:

My family all have professions that involve some form of care. My sister, Claire is an NHS nurse in Greater Manchester. My sister, Sinead is a healthcare assistant in a nursing home for disabled children and my father, Robert is an NHS healthcare assistant at a hospital in Greater Manchester. I was cared for by the NHS for following an accident when I was 8 and I’ll never forget what the staff there did for me.

This is what led me to my job helping train overseas doctors and nurses, and why I want to give back in a small way through this series.

About Fascinate Productions:

Fascinate Productions is a podcast production company based in London. We’re a full service agency; working across creative, recording, marketing or distribution. From charities, to brands, to public figures we tell the stories and spread knowledge the matters.

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