World Tech Legal launches global network of tech focused law firms

World Tech Legal, a global network of tech-focused law firms, has officially launched. Founded by MBM Commercial (“MBM”), an award-winning law firm with offices in London and Edinburgh, the World Tech Legal network was established to build an association of like-minded entrepreneurial law firms that have specific expertise in the technology sector. The network already boasts 14 member firms from across the globe.

The association allows for one member firm for each legal jurisdiction and current members firms are:

Maddocks (Australia), Rowan Legal (Czech Republic), Levine Kessler (France), MBM Commercial (Great Britain), Saplegal – A.S. Papadimitriou & Partners (Greece), ONC Lawyers (Hong Kong), Leman (Republic of Ireland), Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co. (Israel), Melki & Associates (Lebanon), Avid Legal (New Zealand), Tughans (Northern Ireland), Gateway Law (Singapore), Argentum Law (UAE) and Polsinelli (USA).

The first member meeting was held over the summer and members are already supporting clients with their international business requirements. Members are expected to develop and encourage innovative and collaborative legal solutions for their clients that have international operations. The network also provides a safe and trusted platform for its members to exchange business opportunities between jurisdictions.

“A vast number of businesses, particularly in the technology sector have worldwide operations and aspirations which require a global legal perspective,” noted Bryan Shaw from founding member MBM Commercial. “We saw a need to establish a network of law firms who have a concentration of technology focused clients. We are delighted that we already have 14 member firms who share that vision.”

“We have already seen the benefit from our membership”, said Dominic Conlon, Partner and Head of Corporate at Lemans. “Being able to seamlessly connect clients to technology sector specialist law firms in other jurisdictions as those businesses expand internationally has been truly invaluable .”

Timothy Reimers, Principal at Polsinelli added, “Being in a collaborative network of peers has allowed us to share ideas, market trends and stay informed of international legal insights in the technology space.”

World Tech Legal recently held their first board meeting and anticipates that the number of members within the network will double over the next twelve months.

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