30FT CYBR Augmented Reality Artwork On Flannels Oxford Street London Flagship Store

CYBR Magazine has created a giant 3D augmented reality artwork of its Earth 2070 cover, which will appear in a huge 30-foot form displayed on the side of the Flannels Flagship on Oxford Street, London, in partnership with W1 Curates and NFTUK.

The artwork has been created by Art Revell, a new digital relic created from the original cover by Fake Art by SHXPIR and features Isabelle Boemeke, Brazilian model and nuclear energy influencer. Isabelle is often seen at events like the MET gala with her close friend, Grimes.

The ISSUE 08 augmented reality cover was created by CYBR and artist SHXPIR, entitled EARTH 2070 the issue focused on our climate change crisis, looking into the future at how as a species, we can evolve to a solar punk future, one that sees nature and technology work in harmony.

As part of the NFTUK exhibition, the augmented reality artwork will also be displayed inside the flannels store alongside other recognised artists such as XCOPY, Meelo, Vector Meldrew, Charli Cohen, Graceland and over 40 others.

The event also will see a number of panel talks on the metaverse, digital fashion and NFT art. With speakers including CYBR Magazine founder James Joseph, IoDF founder Leanne Elliot Young, digital fashion giants Auroboros, artist Graceland and CMO of Fraser group Beckie Stanion.

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CYBR was founded by James Joseph and is an AR company merging the physical and digital worlds through phygital products. The first of those is an augmented reality-enabled magazine that focuses on futurism and tech culture as if Hypebeast and Wired were two asteroids destined for collision. Covering everything from space exploration, 3D printing, digital fashion, NFT art, to even fusion energy. With collaborations with Grimes, Kimbal Musk, Teflon Sega, RTFKT, Isabelle Boemeke, Fnatic and more. CYBR’s expansion into digital fashion with metaverse-ready wearables, augmented reality physical apparel, and even A.I. designed clothing continues.

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