Breaking News, Lone Design Club Leads The Charge For Independent Brands In China

Lone Design Club X China Fashion Week

When: 27.03.2021-29.03.2021

Where: Stine Fashion X China Fashion Week

How: Register Here

With China Fashion Week right around the corner, Lone Design Club is excited to announce the LDC X China Fashion Week Showcase. In recognition of LDC’s work supporting some incredible independent and sustainable brands via their e-commerce and immersive pop-ups, previously visited by partners of the CFW in London, UK. The CFW has invited LDC to showcase their brands as part of their designer cultural exchange programme between the UK and China. Who needs a plane when a simple video and live stream process means LDC and their brands can reach millions of shoppers across China and the world with zero carbon footprint within this new online era.

“LDC is excited to work with the CFW held in collaboration with Tiktok and Stina on such an exciting showcase of independent talent. With China’s GDP increasing by 2.3% in 2020, making it the only major global economy to grow through the pandemic, and online retail sales increased 14.8%, now is the opportune time for our brands to make a splash in the market.

The pandemic has transformed the retail industry. Retailers have had to adapt quickly within the changing landscape while increasing their focus on online sales as a key channel to drive sales and growth. There is unprecedented digital adoption happening within retail, with the influx of first-time digital shoppers. We have always had a robust Chinese following; with our stores being popular shopping destinations for the UK Chinese market.

However, this partnership will expose our platform and brands to millions of domestic users, and we hope on this relationship and build recognition for our future China ventures in 2022,” Lone Design Club CEO Rebecca Morter.

LDC X CFW will feature five independent fashion films and designer profiles, and an LDC Multi-brand offering, live-streamed via the CFW online platform, offering the audience a SEE NOW BUY NOW option. This will be LDC's second move into the Chinese market following their super successful pop-up launch pre-pandemic over Shanghai Fashion Week in 2019.

Participating brands included, Ganor Dominic, the British footwear and accessories brand influenced by surrealist sculptors and avant-garde couturiers, Ganor Dominic explores the fluid link between art and fashion know for their signature faces, embossing and laser cut creations. Manimekala, a contemporary, sustainable fashion brand with a social mission. Know for their original hand-painted prints and statement textiles. Chenchen Studio is known for their unique pieces using recycled and hand-cut fabrics. Sustainability, exquisite detail and delicate fabrics are the brand's signature, all handmade in London. U.Mi-1 (pronounced has a unique design aesthetic that offers a modern interpretation of Nigerian culture through a conscious cross-pollination between British tailoring and Japanese minimalism elements. Plus many more who will be showcase within the LDC Multi-brand presentation.

“The cultural exchange programme is a key part of China Fashion Week. Each season, we offer one or two brilliant emerging designers or brand platforms the opportunity to showcase their work at the CFW-Fashionllabab. The CFW are delighted to welcome the Lone design Club platform and its amazing brands to be featured on the official fashion week schedule this season. We’re keen to fully support this partnership and give LDC access to some of the best PR services in China, facilitating them to introduce their talent and gain access to the Chinese market more effectively.” Youjin Cui, Creative Director Stage One

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Notes to Editors


Lone Design Club is cutting through the noise of a saturated fast‐fashion market and shaking up the conventional shopping experience by challenging traditional retail offerings both in the UK and internationally. Presenting a new immersive shopping experience LDC is blurring the lines between consumers online and in‐store purchasing experiences.

Lone Design Club seamlessly blend their physical stores with online experiences through live streams, an online market place, mobile self‐checkout and product information and QR codes connecting the physical to the digital.

The beauty of LDC is that every concept store is unique. Whether it is displaying a new emerging premium brand, discovering one-of-a-kind products, or gaining a glimpse into the fashion world with their in‐store experiences and events led by influential individuals within the fashion industry.


China Fashion Week was created to support Chinese and international talent and brands by offering designers financial support, showcasing opportunities, and excellent PR services,allowing them to access the Chinese market rapidly and effectively. Importantly, it is not only focused on offline shows; the scheme incorporates several key digital platforms, with managed live streams facilitating “see now, buy now” functionality for all brands involved.

This year the CFW will be held in partnership with Sina Fashion. Sina Fashion is one of the most popular Chinese fashion media platforms, which accurately targets Chinese fashion consumers in developing an all-around online fashion hub. It thus offers the most comprehensive global fashion information source in China, with content including fashion trends, celebrity outfits, fashion shows, luxury jewellery, and shopping information. Sina Fashion serves 60,000,000 users every 24 hours, and its social matrix includes Weibo accounts, community operations, a video matrix, and various third-party matrices.

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